Pick Up Rules

Confidence and persistence are the two key characteristics when it comes to making things work with a woman. Some men have these characteristics naturally while for others to stay on track, some guidelines have to be followed. Its not important how good looking, how smart or how rich you are, the important thing is what technique you use when it comes to picking women up.

Following are a few pick up rules that even women would want men to know about, and knowing them will give you a tremendous edge on the competition. These pickup rules will not only increase your success rate with women, it will also ensure that you sweep those pretty ladies off their feet with your gentlemanly conduct and charming personality.


First Impression Says It All

The quote “First impression is the last impression” might sound as an old cliche but when it comes to dating and relationships this thing matters the most. The average natural looks of a guy can be over looked if he has groomed himself well enough and knows how to handle himself. Whereas, your killing looks and natural charm may go in vain if you are not properly dressed or if you have messy and unclean hair. Before you go in for a pick up make sure that your appearance is up to date. Your clothes should fit you according to your personality and your hair should be all set and combed up. You should use a good cologne or a perfume so that you smell nice too. Smelly men are a huge turn off to women, but also remember not to over use your perfume or over dress before going to interact with a pretty lady. You will look like a freak in the very initial meet itself if you do so.


Eye Contact Is The Key

The simplest yet effective most way to determine whether your approach will be successful or not is to make preliminary eye contact with your target. If you observe that she holds your gaze for a quite a while and maybe even smiles at you, then you’re quite in luck brother — go talk to her. But if the opposite happens, and she avoids your gaze than you should give second thoughts about approaching the lady. The best thing to do is to survey any area carefully before picking any woman up and make sure that you choose a suitable area where the probability of finding more ladies is higher. Reading a woman’s body language is the most important and the foremost thing to do before picking her up. Make sure you make and receive a good enough eye contact before you go in towards the kill.


Don’t Hit On More Than One Girls At Once

Hitting on more than one girls in the same social circle is a real deal-breaker. Not only will it make you look like a desperate, it will also send a bad massage. In order to successfully pick up a woman you have to make her feel very special as it is an important factor in targeting ladies. Expressing interest in a woman’s friends and hitting on them will certainly not make her feel special. So the bottom line is that even if you are attracted to more than one ladies in a social circle, make sure you stick to only one of them and pay her full attention or else you will be heading out home alone in your car.


Make Her Feel Special

Most women tend to be attracted to men who make them feel very special. It all depends on how you make a woman feel when she’s around you. So, during your interaction, if you are able to make her feel as she is the most hottest lady in the room than chances of you meeting her again are really high. It does not just end in the beginning, this technique has long term effects too. If she is confident and comfortable with you, you’ve got all the strings in your hand there. But this technique can be overlooked if she already has a large ego as you would not want to inflate it even more.


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Good Compliments

You might think that you should not compliment her because she has probably heard the complement before many times. Well if you think in that perspective than you are on the wrong track there buddy because ladies loved to be praised over and over again no matter what. You might avoid approaching a pretty girl in the street because you think that a lot more other guys have already done it before and your pick up would not matter to her. But the thing here is, she might have been approached by many umpteen guys before but she never got approached by a nice genuine guy. Here is where to come in to play your part: approach her in a gentlemanly manner and land her a simple yet pleasant compliment to sweep her off her feet.


Know When To Walk Away

Before you go in for a pick up, make sure that you read her body language well enough and if you think things might not work out good then stay mentally prepared to walk away in a positive manner. There is nothing more irritating to a lady than a clingy guy. Trust me you would not want to become one! If she seems bored or indifferent during a conversation than its better to walk away respectfully rather than worsening things up. Even if she is giving you good signs and an expected positive response, you should not overstay your welcome. Leave the conversation on a high note and you will leave her wanting for more.


Stick By The Pick Up Techniques

If you follow all the given pick up rules and use appropriate techniques, you will become impossible for women to resist. Remember no body is born perfect, but repeated practice and persistence will take you a long way. Well there you have it, keep practicing and keep scoring.