Improve Your Physical Attractiveness

Previous researches in what women find attractive in men have shown that they are focused on their earning compatibility and their commitment to the relationships. However in recent researches effort has been driven into finding out what women find physically attractive in men. These traits nowadays have a big weight when it comes to dating and relationships. We will discuss here the proven physical traits that women look in men and will give you tips on how can you use these points in your advantage and become impossible for women to resist.

1. Gain some muscle

If you want to attract some pretty ladies and consider yourself to be a player in it, then honestly buddy, you have got to start heading out towards the gym more often. Studies have shown that for short term affairs women are more attracted towards muscular men. So, as long as you are willing to spend a couple of hours regularly at the gym and eating good foods, you can achieve a cut and muscular body. Remember not to overdo it, or else you will turn out to be a walking muscle freak for women.

2. Stand Up Straight

As we all know women show tendency to taller men rather than the short ones, similarly they also look for men with a superior posture. Straightening your spine and keeping your head up will definitely make you look taller and attract more women. Right posture also adds to your confidence and it makes you look more masculine and dominant than others.

3. Shave Accordingly

Shaving your face and keeping it clean regularly gives you a high edge on your attractiveness among women. Study has shown that men with symmetrical faces are found more attractive by women. To create a more symmetrical looking mug, try playing around with your facial hair. If you have a beard or a mustache, experiment with different looks to help determining which look makes your face look more balanced.

4. Bad Breath Is Totally Unacceptable

Communication is the key to getting to know any one, especially a girl. Talking to her will determine your status as how far you can go. Good and bad breath is as important as anything when it comes to first impression. If you have a bad breath, deal with it right away. Brush your teeth on a regular basis and use a good mouth wash before heading into public meets. Don’t be lazy in this particular field or else you will be missing out on a large number of your potential targets for the night. Read more: How to stop bad breath

5. Don’t Put On Too Much Cologne

The way you smell plays an important role in whether or not a pretty lady will be attracted to you.Women use their sense of smell to determine how genetically different a man is from them. The point is to let your natural smell surround you more than any cologne in order to attract a woman. Only apply a little bit of cologne, just a little spritz of it.

6. Get Rid Of Any Excess Body Hair

Studies have shown that women prefer those men with less body hair over the ones who are filled with it. If you are of the latter type then i would suggest you to get rid of them as soon as possible. Use a good wax to do your job, it will only take 10 minutes of your time and will save you from embarrassment when you go topless before a date.

7. Display Sense Of Humor

Women prefer the men who can make them laugh over the ones who bore them with formal conversations. Use good humor in your conversations to amuse women frequently. Remember there are different types of humor, women do not like cheesy jokes and the ones in which fun is made of less fortunate people. Women do not like canned humor so do not copy jokes of a joke book, use your own ways to amuse a lady.

8. Give Sincere Compliments

When it comes to complimenting a woman, make sure you do it honestly and don’t go over the top. Women hate those men who use cheesy pickup lines to try to impress women. These types of things make you look like a liar rather than a charming guy in their eyes. Be specific and honest in your compliments to win a lady’s heart. Remember not to over compliment her, as it would give an impression as if you are throwing yourself to her.

9. Gentlemanly Gestures

The key to become a gentleman is to respect and treat women equally. Some gestures such as the following will make you infinitely charming in front of women

– let her sit down first
– watch your language
– walk her home
– offer her your jacket
– introduce her
– shut your phone at the table
– give her a seat
– hold the door for her

Holding on to these gestures will enhance your personality in the eyes of a woman and will boost your chances at hooking up with lots of women.

10. Improve Your Verbal Skills

As we discussed before communication is the key in a relationship. If you can master your verbal skills than you can take on any girl you want. When talking to a girl, make sure you keep a low voice tone and be fluent in your talking. Keep a little smile on your lips while you talk and add in a little humor time by time to keep things interesting. Your tongue is the reflection of your personality so use it wisely and use it well.