How to Get Her In the Mood – 7 Ways to turn her on!

When was the last time you ‘set the mood’ to get her in the mood and turn her on? Whether your woman admits it or not, she wants to be romanced and wow-ed. While you don’t have to break your bank to lavish her in diamonds and pearls, a little thought can go a long way. So, think about the last time you actually did something for her (and buying her sexy lingerie that got you all hot doesn’t count). Not feeling turned on by her man is one of the reasons why women cheat.

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1. Seduce her with little things

Women remember the little details, like every time you’ve left the toilet seat up and forgotten to take out the trash, so give her some spicy samples of your sexy self. Remember, it’s the little things that will melt her heart, so don’t feel obligated to buy all two dozen roses (unless the mood strikes you). A single, long stem rose speaks wonders.

2. Connect with her emotionally

Making love starts with an emotional connection for a woman, so depending on how quickly you’re hoping to board the love train, begin the day or week with one of these cute little gestures or some of your own romantic ideas for her. Be thoughtful and sincere, as you are paving the rose petal path to the bedroom.

3. Show that you care about her

Ask about her day and actually listen to her answer (don’t just smile and nod while thinking, “Gosh, I hope this helps me get lucky!”). Eye contact and sincerity will jumpstart the heart pounding, tingling response that you’re hoping for. Tell her some cute things, it will turn her on and make her feel sexy.

4. Girl relax, let’s go slow…

… I ain’t got nowhere to go. Boy II Men definitely does not steer us wrong on this one. Timing is everything when you’re striving for bedroom bliss. The biggest mistake most men make is trying to rush into sex or squeeze it into a fifteen minute time slot, making it feel more like an apathetic appointment than a romantic rendezvous. If you want to get physical, then reserve her some of your time (just as you would for a good workout or football game with your boys). Go slow.

5. Take charge and have a plan

Women like a man with vision and initiative. She wants you to take charge, and plan for romance. Even if it’s as simple as a candlelit dinner, bath, glass of wine, or massage, she wants to know that you planned ahead for this flirtatious affair rather than it just being a hormonal hiatus. While spontaneous sex can be hot and seductive, romantically planning for lovemaking is music to her emotions. So, plan for romance and listen to your goddess in the bedroom. In your all your passion, you may be missing her slyly insinuated but ravishing sexual desires.

6. Don’t forget the foreplay

Now it’s time to slam it into “foreplay” gear. Hold her. Kiss her. Caress her. Be soft, gentle, and sincere. Even if you have eight hundred other things on your plate, give her first dibs on your time, and it will definitely turn her on and get her in the mood.

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7. Ready to pounce, Tiger?

The undeniably sexy words of “I’ll Make Love to You” have taken on a whole new meaning now. Time to strike from the chorus to the lyrics, seductively cranking your romance meter to ‘HOT!’ So, remember, her wish is your command. If you want to get her in the mood then create a mood of smoldering passion, fire, heat, and seduction. You want to be her ‘sugar and spice and everything nice (then NAUGHTY comes later)!’

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X. Play Romantic Sex Games

The easiest and most successful way to get your girlfriend in the mood is playing sex games designed for couples. Let these bedroom games turn her on by answering dirty questions and doing naughty tasks. There are many great card and board games especially for having the most incredible foreplay and building up the sexual tension. When she’s dripping and you can’t wait any longer they will also provide you with exciting sex techniques that you’ve probably never tried before.

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