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30 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Rainy Days at Home

Want to impress her with an exceptional and very romantic date? Then, start by cleaning the house. Yep, you read that one right. Keep it spic and span because both of you are going to spend some alone time at home. It might not be your idea of a perfect date, but trust me on this. Girls dig guys who take effort to an extra notch when inviting them on a date. Surprise her with these sure win stay-at-home romantic date ideas:

1. Take out
Pick her up, head over to your favorite dining spot and order some take out. Most restaurants tend to be very crowded anyway, so why not ask for a to-go bag, rush toward home and enjoy your food at the comfort of your own place. This will make it more intimate and no need to neither wait for tables nor rush any conversation. Pro-tip: Have wine or any drinks chilled and prepped already. Don’t take away the elegance or “ambiance” just because it’s a takeout.

2. Pizza delivery
Pizza date nights are always great. But having them delivered to your house is simply the best! You can eat it wearing your “comfort” clothes so need to worry about loosening your belts or unbuttoning your jeans. Pizza and PJs are the perfect couple anyway. Order the usual and the one flavor you’ve been dying to try (usually the one with the longest menu name) but you’re scared that it might not taste great and the entire box will just go to waste. You’re on safer grounds now since you’ll share it with your special someone and the refrigerator is just a few steps away. And yes, extra cheese and pepperoni of course!

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3. Backyard Camping
If you’re aiming for this date idea, then you better prep in advance. Go and dust off your tent and any other camping gears you’ll use. I know it’s just going to happen right outside your garden but the last thing you want is to set up, is a broken tent. It will not just waste both your time but will also ruin the romantic mood. To make this work, treat it as if it’s a real camping trip, give her the best outdoors experience she’ll never forget. It will feel even more adventurous if it’s raining, however, if that’s too much for your date, just be creative and put a tent in your living room.

4. Rooftop Stargazing
This is one of the sweetest stay-at-home date night ideas! Unfortunately, it’s not so great for rainy days so be sure to check the weather, you don’t want to catch a cold after. Pro-tip: Bring a blanket and some pillows for cushion especially if you’re planning to stay out long. Bug sprays, snacks, and a lamp or tealights will also be fantastic.

5. Puzzle Night
Organize a puzzle night challenge. All you need are puzzles and a timer – it is best if do it by rounds of difficulty to make sure it does not end up boring. Buy puzzles with varying images for the easy, difficult and crazy round. The winner gets a prize which both of you can decide prior to the game.

6. Board Game Twists
Similar to the previous number, but this time choose your all-time favorite board games. Put a wager to make it more exciting too and don’t forget to add snacks to your grocery list! It’s the perfect cheat day date.

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7. Cook-off
If both of you love food, then this date idea is perfect! Challenge each other to cook something unique or dishes that both of you haven’t tried before. Then just get busy in the kitchen. Remember, to have a happy heart, one must have a filled tummy too. Pro-tip: Talk about this idea in advance so you can have good prep time. You might want to go as exotic as possible.

8. Wine Night
Buy wines and be instant connoisseurs. Compare your notes and discuss your rating. You can buy any wine you like and do not really need to be expensive. You can even go for local brews if you like. It’s your house, your rules. Cheers!

9. Cocktail Experiment
If you guys are dying to know what happens when you add cherries and cantaloupe to vodka then try this date idea on a rainy day at home. It is a good idea because it involves a little bit of alcohol and you don’t have to worry if it fails – you’re just serving it to yourselves and the bathroom is nearby. I know this sound really good already but before you buy coconuts and cinnamon do a little research first if it can be mixed with certain alcohol or spirits. The last thing you want is to invent a deadly potion that will send you straight to the emergency room.

10. Spooky Night
This works well with couples who are avid fans of horror movies and mysteries. Share your own ghost stories or someone you know over some chips and drinks. You can even have a romantic scare fest DVD marathon after. Hugs and cuddles guaranteed.

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11. Question and Answer Portion
For couples who are just recently dating, this is one certainly unique way to break the ice. Tell her that it’s not our usual, Hi and Hellos and what’s your favorite color kinda stuff. Preferably, tell her about your idea at least a week before. Create question cards that you would like the other person to answer. Don’t settle for simple questions, think of something intriguing and interesting. Here are some examples: How do you feel about kissing on first dates? What’s your favorite physical feature? What was the most romantic, exciting or dangerous thing you did? Do you like to spend your weekend at home or do you like to go out and party?

12. Collage Making
If both of you already have tons of photos, have them printed and make a collage together. It will definitely be a fun bonding alternative – but don’t limit yourselves from making a collage only, you can create picture frames and wall decor too! Creative ideas like this are great for rainy days.

13. Netflix and Chill
Sounds a little bit cliché? But admit it, it’s a sure-fire win still. So hurry and put that popcorn on the microwave now. Find your favorite Netflix show so both of you can’t wait to continue watching it.

14. Classic Night
Almost similar to DVD and Netflix dates but make this extra special by popping in the classics. Does not really mean the black and white flicks if you’re not into it, it can be your all-time favorite action or comedy movies too. Pro-tip: Make the list a week before so you’ll have ample time to prep and look for the movies.

15. Dress up Party for Two
Always dreamed about having a 20’s themed date? This is your chance to be really creative! Talk about what you guys would like to do or portray. Make sure to go all out – costumes, props, food, etc!

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16. Home Makeover
Been itching to paint your wall? Involve her to your home makeover project! I bet she’ll love to put on her jumpers and get a little dirty. You have the option to discuss your renovation plans with her and even ask her opinion. She’ll feel extra special!

17. Paint the “Home” Red (and other colors too!)
Do portraits or any paintings you like. Make each other the inspiration. Just buy canvasses and paints and you’re all set! Set a time for the activity and make sure it involves a part when you’ll be able to interpret your masterpieces. If it’s raining outside, there’s nothing better than improving your living place.

18. Hide and Seek
Age doesn’t matter when it comes to playing hide and seek! It even gets more exciting when you play it as adults. If you got a lot of home space it can be a good reflex and cardio workout too!

19. Nerf Gun Challenge
This one never gets old. It’s always fun to build your own fort and defend it. If you really want to make it more fun and I guess competitive, you can use Nerf too.

20. Romantic Dinner
No need to book a reservation to the most expensive restaurant in town. You can always try to replicate the ambiance and even the menu right at the comfort of your home. If table setting and cooking aren’t really your forte, you can always seek the help of friends or family. You don’t really have to do it all by yourself.

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21. Pool Night
Skip this if it’s a rainy day. Has it been a scorching week? Got a pool? Invite her to take a night dip with you at your house. Tell her that all she needs to bring is her swimsuit and you’ll take care of the rest. It’s up to you to decide whether you want it to be romantic (petals and candles) or just a casual (Doritos and beers) evening swim.

22. Pamper Time
Why spend money on massages when you can both do it yourselves! There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that both of you can watch prior to the session. You can also shop for essential oils together.

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23. Be Super Models
Pretend to be supermodel and photographer for a rainy night and strike a pose! You can use your smartphones or Polaroid to capture the centerfold worthy photos. Be as artistic and imaginative as you can be. Arrange different “sets” with different “moods” on different parts of the house.

24. You and Wii
Organize a game night and Wii your way all night. It’s best to keep points and wagers to keep the level of fun.

25. Coachella Date Night
If you love birds are music fans, you can set up a jamming session. This is best if both of you can play music instruments or one will play the guitar while the other sings. You can even have an impromptu songwriting bonding.

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26. Lip-synch Battle
Why not! Make it a super fun night with all the costumes and sound system. If you have time, make a simple stage too. It’s surely gonna be a hilarious and unforgettable date.

27. Say Quiz!
This is best for couples who have been together for over a year. Do you really know what her favorite color is? How about veggies she doesn’t eat? A favorite TV show? Ask with simple questions. You’ll be surprised at how much you know and don’t know about each other.

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28. Zen garden
Both of you got a green thumb? Enhance your garden! DIY simple landscaping is totally a great idea.

29. Passport Stamp
This is similar to creating a Vision Board but this time limit it to a special topic like traveling. Keep notes of places you would like to visit in the next couple of years. You can both research on unique travel destinations and festivals.

30. Cuddle
This entry is the last but absolutely not the least – hugs and cuddles. Get warm and cozy in front of the TV and catch up on your favorite series and just be together. Remember that dates are “invented” to spend undivided time with your loved one. So, simply cuddling and being with each other is totally priceless. But it works better if you’ve got a pizza of course. Pro-tip: Keep your phones and tablets away.

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