Romantic Gifts for Her

romantic gifts for her

You want to make your girlfriend feel special, so you are looking for some gift ideas to surprise her. Here I collected some of the best romantic gifts, nearly every girl will love you for. I ordered them after price and don’t worry, you can light her heart for just a few bucks.

Letter Necklace – $9

Either with your or her first letter.
Simple, classy, low-cost and still personal.


Romantic Wall-Stickers – $9

Women love flowers and these ones never fade.
Every time she looks at her wall, she will think of you.


Matching Couples Jewelry – $15

Two parts that match perfectly together, just like you.

Matching Jewelry for Couples

Scratch-Off World Map – $16

Tell her that you want to travel the world together. She will find this super romantic because it means you’re planning your future with her. Give her this map so she can scratch off all the countries you’ve visited.


Custom Name Necklace – $19

Advanced version of the letter necklace.
If you want that everyone knows who she belongs to, give her this necklace.


Crown Necklace for your Princess – $29

One of my favorite items, I’ve bought it myself and it looks awesome.
crown necklace

Classy Gold Watch – $29

Simple and elegant.


Backpack – $39

If she still goes to school or university.
Otherwise, it’s also perfect for the gym, the beach, park or city.


Engraved Gold Bracelet – $39

Cute Bracelet engraved with a Name or Date.


Matching Couple Caps – $24 / $48

Show everyone that you’re a couple.

matching couple caps

Matching Couple T-Shirts – $24 / $48

These couple shirts will definitely catch attention.

Matching Couple T-Shirts

More ideas coming soon!


1. Always Have Backup Gifts

If you are reading this because your girlfriends birthday, the day you came together, valentines day, or Christmas is around the corner and you are looking for some inspiration, you are making a big mistake.

Two little stories, why I always have backup gifts in a secret place and you should too:

Story 1: I can’t tell you how many times I needed a gift and there were only a few days left, so I searched the internet, asked some friend but still couldn’t find something great. The local shops only had boring stuff and I wasn’t sure if it came on time when I ordered online. This time, is was my girlfriends birthday and after a few hours searching in different online shops, I finally found something that she may like. Her birthday was on a Friday and the site said it should be there on Wednesday. Guess what happened? It came Saturday and I had to tell my girlfriend that I will give it to her the next day. Which wouldn’t be a big deal for me, but girls are different. In female language, it means: I care so little about you, that I forgot your birthday.

Story 2: I vividly remember the day when me and my girlfriend were together for exactly two years. It was a Saturday after a stressful week and she joyfully welcomes me. When I entered the kitchen I saw a big plate of wonderfully smelling chocolate muffins in the shape of a heart. I was really surprised and asked her “That’s so cute, why did you do that?” she replied “Are you serious? Don’t you know which day we have?” – My heart fell into my stomach, I totally forgot it. My mind was racing “she’s so happy, I can’t tell her that I forgot it” so I tried to act cool and said “sure, but I didn’t expect such a cute gesture”. I felt so bad and I could tell she noticed that I forgot it, because I didn’t even had a small gift.

That day I swear to myself that I will always have some little surprises ready, just in case. Gifts don’t get old, they don’t get cheaper and there will for sure be a situation where you will be very thankful that you got something.

2. Surprise Her!

If you have some knowledge about female psychology, then you know that the way to a women’s heard is to treat her like a little girl. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t take her seriously, although it can be effective sometimes. But what do little girls love more than anything else? They love surprises! It’s unexpected, it creates excitement, joy and above all it shows that you care and appreciate her. To increase the excitement, tell her that you got a very small gift for her, let her close her eyes and wait a minute.

Size and price don’t matter, it’s all about the gesture. It can be something between $5 to $20 and trust me, if you do this from time to time, she will pay it back ten times in one way or another. It’s the best investments you can make and honestly, just seeing her happy will be worth it.

3. It’s Not About The Money

I always thought that the more I pay for a gift, the more she will appreciate it. This might be the case if your girlfriend is a gold digger, but if she truly loves you, there is only one attribute that should decide how much she appreciates your gift: the amount of work you put into it. This work can be physical, for example, an artwork that you made yourself. Or this work can be mental when you spend a lot of time to find out something unique that she really likes, especially when it has a deeper meaning to her.

4. Universal Romantic Gifts

Universal gifts are the ones that can be used in any situation. I have always a few of them as backup gifts and even if my current relationship doesn’t last, I could give it to my next girlfriend.

Jewelry for her is number 1 on that list because it feels expensive, but you can get awesome items for under $20.

Matching Couple Jewelry, is an interesting type of jewelry, where you and your girlfriend each have an item, which perfectly matches to each other.

Home Decor:
Romantic Wallstickers
Lovely Pillows
Pink Bonsai Seeds

Funny Stuff:
Camera Lens Mug
Hoodie for her Cat/Dog
Robofish Pet

5. Personalized Romantic Gifts

These are romantic gifts for her, that are unique and have a little background, which connects the two of you. They are perfect for special occasions like her birthday, valentines day or Christmas and therefore cost a little more.

Personalized Jewelry


You can’t go wrong with these romantic gifts for her. They are cute, unique and always have a connection to you.


What I do: I always keep 1-2 personalized gifts, in case there is something important that I forgot and it’s too late to order it. It’s also useful when I don’t find the right idea or I’m just too lazy / busy to search after something. Additionally, I keep 4-5 little surprises to reward her if she was very cute or just surprise her when she is sad and had a bad day.