7 Fun Drinking Games for Couples

drinking games for couples

When couples get bored with the same old date ideas it’s time to try something new, like getting drunk together! No really, playing these drinking games will create a lot of funny memories and they also help you step out of your comfort zone and connect on another level. Ideally you will stop at the point where you can still remember the fun moments and be able to take things further in the bedroom. If you want to use these drinking games to heat things up and continue with naughty tasks, check out these 14 Sex Games for Couples after reading this article.

Often it is easier to take off inhibitions when you’re drunk and to open up more to your partner in different ways. Even after several years of being a couple, there are still things that you have never tried but thought of a few times. Forget your everyday life for one night loosen up and get closer.

Drinking Board and Card Games

There are two kinds of drinking games: 1. board or card games, that you have to buy, but since they were invented especially for this purpose, they are also the most fun. 2. free games that only require a little creativity, these are great if you want to get started right away.

Mini Pong

This drinking board game is my favorite because it is very simple and a lot of fun. It’s similar to the well-known Beer Pong with some additional improvements. First of all, the board is pretty compact and you don’t need a big table. Instead of big party cups, you play with small shot glasses that you can fill with different liquors. The ball is connected with a string so it doesn’t fall on the ground, this way it stays clean and can be shot with two catapults.


If you want to try out many different drinking games, you should get this set. You are able to play several game variations and it contains waterproof playing cards, drinking dices, ping pong balls, spin the shot, shot glasses, loaded dice. Great for couples who want to try more than one game and find out which one they like the most.


The most popular drinking game on Amazon which combines a lot of different game variations in one game with a lot of variety. It can be used either for couples or as a party game on your next couples game-night. Drink-a-Palooza has hundreds of five-star ratings from satisfied people who love to play it.

Huge collection of games for couples can be found here:
70 Fun Games for Couples in 6 different categories!

Free Drinking Games for Couples

If you want to get started immediately or don’t want to spend money on board and card games, the following free drinking games for couples might be the right choice for you.

Truth, Dare or Drink

Similar to the famous truth or dare game, the player’s turn is to choose between completing a task or answering an intimate question. The other partner can then come up with either a question or task for the player to complete. If he refuses to do so, he has the opportunity to drink a shot or a glass of beer. So not only do you have a lot to laugh about, but you also learn some secrets about your partner and get drunk in the process.

Two Truths and a Lie

This drinking game is perfect for couples who haven’t been together long and want to get to know each other better. However, it’s also great for couples who have been together a long time and want to find out who knows their other partner better. Basically, it’s easy, one player makes three statements about himself. Two of them are true and one is an invented lie. Then the other player has to guess which was the lie. If he guessed wrong he has to drink, if he guessed right the other has to drink.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is ideal for couples that want to find out who has experienced more crazy things. One partner makes a statement about something he has never done before. For example “Never have I ever put something into my butt”. The other partner must now be honest, if he has done this thing, he must drink.

Watch and Drink

Choose a movie or tv-show that both of you like and pick one or two words which they’ll use often. Let’s say you watch “How I met your mother” and the magic word is “Ted”. Now every time they say the magic word, both of you have to drink a shot.

Beerio Kart

For this drinking game, you need a racing game like Mario Kart. Each of you gets a beer which you have to drink before you can cross the finish line. However, you are not allowed to drink while driving. It’s up to you if you take many short drinking breaks or chug the whole drink before starting or in front of the finish line.

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