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12 Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty

signs that she is cheating and feeling guilty

Nowadays, human interaction has become a little colder. Life has become a little faster and people have become busier than ever. Most of us have almost entirely neglected the good old ways of spending time with friends and family. This has affected the way people perceive relationships and it’s not a surprise that in modern times, it’s pretty common to get cheated on. So be careful who you trust with your life because everything you’ve built could be destroyed all of the sudden.

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As expected, most of the time such experiences cause unrepairable damage to the relationship. The trust between the couple depletes quickly and it might take a wonder to restore it. For this reason, if you have any doubts that your significant other is cheating on you and feels guilty, you should probably try and have a conversation about it. Of course, most people believe that they would know if their partner has cheated on them. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few signs that most of us miss out. And spotting some of them would be just enough if you’re unsure and unable to say it directly or you know that your partner would lie to you.

Signs that she cheated and feels guilty now

Usually, the guilty behavior fades away after a day or two. If not caught, chances are high that people would continue to cheat after they have justified their guilt in their own mind. However, there are the subtle signs that leave you with the impression that something is wrong or something’s changed with your beloved one. Apart from the common signs of cheating like avoiding intimacy, losing interest in you and acting defensively, some other signs are triggered by your partner’s feeling of guilt. What cheaters don’t realize is that they’re basically out of character and paying attention to some of these signs of guilt would help you sort out the puzzle for yourself.

Acting overly-loving all of a sudden

To begin with, most of the times cheating is accompanied by the feeling of guilt. For this reason, your partner might start expressing her love towards you in excessive amounts. Subconsciously, cheaters want to make their partners feel better, thus acting sweeter and more attentive than ever before. In their mind, they’re making both partners happy and this somehow minimizes their guilt.

The “just a friend” person knows too much about you

Surprisingly, this is a pretty common theme among cheaters, especially when talking about female cheaters. And most of the time you can’t really do anything about it without making a scandal out of it. Of course, you might be wary of who your significant other might be cheating on you with, but you can’t say for sure. On the contrary, befriending someone who is “just a friend” might be just fine. However, if this “friend” starts sharing information about you or your intimate life, then this might sound an alarm that he knows too much and he might be your partner’s secret lover.

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Restlessness and nervousness around you

Probably the most recognizable of all, this sign might be the first to alert you if she has cheated on you and feels guilty about it. Impatience is the main factor that indicates that your beloved one wants to actually avoid you and get away as soon as possible. Also, nervousness might involve stammering which is even a clearer sign.

Fake self-esteem boost

As part of the self-justifying process in her brain, your partner might start constantly praising you by implicating how lucky you are in life. You were blessed clearly means that this should completely make up for her wrongdoings. She will definitely feel less guilty if she succeeds.

Long and involved stories

As universal this might be, one of the main signs of a lie is the long and unnecessarily detailed story. Moreover, if her stories sound like she’s been rehearsing them, it might mean that she’s feeling guilty about something and she’s obviously trying to cover it up. Of course, telling long and involved tales is often recognized easily as it is one of the cheater’s main properties and mistakes because over-engagement in a story signals that it’s most probably fake.

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She stops complaining

Have you ever felt that something in your partner’s behavior that usually annoys you is missing? Well, that may be a good thing but may also be a little suspicious. If your wife is serving you your favorite meals every day without complaining, she might be doing it because she’s feeling bad or subconsciously trying to nurture you so you don’t suspect her of infidelity. After all, no one that cares of you that much would do you wrong, right?

Encouraging you to spend more time without her

As obvious as it may seem, to your cheating wife or girlfriend, distancing and “running away” from you might just not be enough. Often, cheating partners feel guilty just because of their own happiness. This subconsciously makes them responsible for your happiness or, to be more exact, your unhappiness. From this point on, they would try to encourage you to take on a new hobby or even go out with your friends. Which might pretty suspicious, especially if the latter had been an issue before. Last but not least, you getting “out of her way” is a good chance for her to heal her guilt by giving you the chance to socialize with other women.

Sudden bursts into tears

If your partner bursts into tears without any obvious reason, then she might be feeling guilty about something. The reason for this is clear – in most cases, it’s because she’s struggling within herself but she cannot gain the courage to tell you the truth. In addition, such conditions may indicate fear of losing one’s love, respectively yours.

Unexpected gifts

Similarly to the overly-loving behavior, if you start receiving unexpected romantic gifts more than the usual, this might an indication that’s something fishy is going on. Of course, everybody likes getting cute gifts from their significant other. However, you should make sure that her gifts are not just a compensatory reflex that subconsciously urges your partner.

New interests

Simply put, finding new interests or spending time on other things rather on your relationship might be a smoking gun. This is due to the fact that if your wife or girlfriend cheated on you and she feels guilty now, her most likely reaction would be to try and “run away” from you as often as possible. It might not heal her from her guilt, but it will certainly spare her subconscious feeling of shame around you.

The “I love you” words

Well, this might seem a little tricky, but sincerity might still be told apart from being fake. Of course, a guilty person would try to keep things normal as much as possible, so don’t be surprised if you continue hearing the “I love you” words. However, if you tell her the words and she delays her answer or fumbles before saying it back, this might sound an alarm.

Cutting off the conversation, becoming silent, blushing, looking away, etc.

Lastly, the feeling of guilt is usually accompanied by some standard non-verbal signs of communication that might help you sort everything out. Especially when you mention something that might trigger her inner guilt. For example, bringing up the topic of cheating or a story about a friend who has been cheated on might make your girlfriend blush or start looking away. Blushing is an indication that she’s feeling ashamed and if she starts looking away, then she’s trying to avoid eye contact so as not to give away her guilt.

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