Board Games for Couples


Spending quality time together as a couple is one of the building blocks of any relationship. Here are some board games for couples that you can play with your significant other. 

And Then We Held Hands

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This co-operative board game is designed to help players sync their perspectives, emotions, and desires together in order to win. It’s perfect for couples who are trying to keep their interests and beliefs in one accord. While playing, you’ll have to look out for the interest of the other player. You’ll have to communicate, share your curiosities, and create a balance with your partner’s desires. The game contains loads of adventures and missions that would spark up suspense and passion within the hearts of its players. Couples must complete objectives and try to reach the center of the board game to win. 

Better Me Board Game

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Often referred to as the game of growth and friendship. Better Me is another fantastic board game. It is a fun game for couples who are willing to get to know each other, and those who love to explore one another’s opinion on various topics. Regarding personal growth, Better Me also jolts players to evaluate themselves and their relationship, not just with one another, but with the different circumstances that shape them.

The game uncovers topics that are often left out or ignored when having the usual day to day discussions. Another great thing about the better me game is the fun atmosphere that accompanies each gaming session. So couples won’t have to worry about getting judged or becoming critical of one another when letting out heartfelt words. With the Better Me board and its deck of cards, conversations can only get more authentic, more intense, and more enjoyable. 

T.I.M.E. Stories

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This game is from around the peak of the world’s best board games. Its graphical collections on the ever suspense-filled missions are magnificent. But that’s not all that makes it a great game for couples. Its intensity is also fascinating. T.I.M.E Stories board game spins around the concept of an Intelligence Agency trying to execute several lifesaving missions. 

Players are expected to play cooperatively and keep a steady flow of information with one another. It’s obviously not the typical romance filled game conventionally expected to be played by couples. But it builds a very strong atmosphere which demands the total cooperation amongst all players. And that’s a beautiful quality worth sharing with one’s significant other. Get the T.I.M.E Stories board game and enjoy the strength and unity that emanates from each session.


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As the name implies, its a game for two players only. The game’s tasks are centered around bringing civilization to its bloom. Well, this time only one person gets to win, so players are challenged to be at their best. 

How good is this game for couples since there’d be only one winner? Well, couples don’t necessarily have to be on the same page every step of the way. Having an opponent who knows you well enough to be able to predict your next move in a game can spice up the fun and keep you on your toes. 

Do not forget the powerful influence of gaming. It creates a powerful bond between players and 7 Wonders: Duel does just that. Fascinating real-life logic and scenarios regarding civilization can be found in the game. From trying to take on military actions to building a city with resources found on the cards. 

There’s also a very interesting feature that allows players to sell their game resources to get an asset. The fun never stops with 7 Wonders: Duel board game. It is undoubtedly a game you’d enjoy playing with your partner.

Game-Trailer and short info on how to play this board game.


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Right since the 1960s, the TWISTER game continues to define what real fun should be. The game takes a minimum of three people to play. It’s also known as the game that ties you up in knots. Couples aching to have some real physical fun game will find this super exciting. It tests your flexibility and stability and is bound to get some chuckles from partners who play it.¬†

How is it played? With a mat like a board designed with multiple circled colors. The board is placed on the floor, and players are obliged to follow the outcome of a spinner. The spinner decides which foot or hand the players are to place in a particular colored circle.¬†Funny thing is, two people are not allowed to have their feet or hands in the same circle. Also, the player’s knees aren’t allowed to touch any circle. Can you create a picture of how much fun that would turn out to be? Doubtlessly, couples who play the TWISTER game are certainly having a great deal of fun and an unrepressed connection with one another.

Loopy Couples Game

Unfortunately, this game is not available anymore!

Loopy is a board game is without a doubt, a fun game for both married and unmarried couples. With about three hundreds cards designated for various categories, players can engage in endless moments of laughter, amusement, and satisfaction. The game contains four categories:

Sensations – Teases the player’s intelligence and reasoning.
Reflections – Brings out the comical traits in both partners.
Relationships – Reveals players creativity and appreciation of each other.
Competition – All about fun, couples get to compete in varieties of fun tasks. 

Just like it’s supposed to, loopy guarantees fun, improved communication, happiness, and a stronger emotional bond. This is one of the board games for couples that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Board games usually require a bit of intellect and a sense of adventure. They are usually an affordable way to connect with your partner. Get one of these today and begin an adventure if fun with the one you cherish. 

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