35 Creative Date Ideas

More often than not, setting the stage for a creative date leaves men perplexed. Though it may sound very simplistic, women really just want to know that you put more than 30-seconds of thought into this enticing little adventure. If you’re still ping-ponging creative date ideas back and forth in your head between your car and her front door, chances are your evening may take an awkward belly-flop into the dating pool! Spontaneity is commended; however, preparation sweeps a woman off her feet like a magic carpet ride.

Dates need not be expensive or super elaborate. Sure, a nice dinner at a romantic restaurant is always a safe choice but it can also be boring and uninteresting. Dates are meant to be fun and exciting; it’s life’s way of making couples get to know each other better. It’s not an event where your moves are super calculated to the point that you can’t be yourself. The following date ideas may help you to step outside the box of dating normality:

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Dates

1. Enroll in a cooking class.
If both of you are foodies then this is the perfect date. It’s not a problem if your only talent is food tasting; the cooking class will teach you basic food prep and cooking techniques anyway. If you’re lucky your next date will be in your kitchen already. Sounds like a great plan to me.

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2. Train for a 5k to run or walk together.
Being fit is awesome but sharing your journey with another person makes it extra special. Marathons and fun runs are very popular events and signing up with your lovey-dovey will be a great idea.

3. Pick fruits together at a local farm
Why not make nutritious homemade slushies and fruit shakes? But before you set up the blender, ask her to go with you to a local farmer’s market and pick your favorite fruits. It’s guaranteed to be a fun date because you’ll get to know each other better through food. Romance and food will always be the perfect combination.

4. Enjoy the city lights.
Go to a high peak within your area or march to a hill to enjoy this moment. Bring snacks and talk about anything under the stars. Get lost on the unusual beauty of the night accentuated by the bright lights.

5. Rooftop or building picnic.
If the weather permits, ask her to spend time with you for a rooftop date. Take pleasure as you marvel on the majestic skyscrapers that surround both of you and feel the breeze brush to your faces as you talk about the future and everything else.

6. Check Yelp and look for restaurants around your area.
Try the specialties and make your own review. To add excitement to your date, why not order something daring or exotic. Who knows, you guys might like it and it can be your next favorite. It can be your official “couple food” and if doesn’t go the way you wanted, you can always share a good laugh about it. Win-win!

7. Watch TED lectures.
This is an absolute must-try, especially for the socially-aware chick. There are tons of videos you can watch on YouTube. Ladies love to discuss ideas and have their opinions valued. It’s gonna be an intellectual fun night!

8. Make a bucket list.
Get some old magazines, colored papers, crayons and any art materials you can get. Talk about the future and what you want to do in the years to come. It can be anything — travel, work, family, love, etc. Give yourselves some time to finish your work of art and discuss it with each other.

9. Find a lecture at a local University or community college.
Learning is fun but learning stuff together is way cooler. This date, aside from educational, also heightens your awareness about each other and what your stands are on relevant issues.

10. Borrow a guitar or other musical instrument
Watch YouTube videos teaching you how to play and learn a simple song. Maybe music is not your forte – then that makes it more fun! So schedule a night out at your place (or hers) and impress her with your new skills. Girls love it when a guy plays an instrument.

11. Do portraits of each other.
Purchase cheap canvases and art materials then be each other’s subject. It’s gonna be an extraordinary date she’ll love because as we all know, painting is a form of self-interpretation and expression.

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12. Do a puzzle together.
Get the big giant ones for extra creativity. Make sure that you allocate a space prior to your date where both of you can move around. Pro-tip: If you don’t have enough space, you can purchase small ones and have a contest! Whoever solves the puzzle the fastest wins.

13. Make a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs from high school.
Walk down the memory lane together. Explain what makes each song memorable. You can even dance together; make the most out of the Spotify date night.

14. Book the karaoke night.
Sing your hearts out! Key in your favorite songs and just enjoy. No need to talk about anything serious, just go out there and enjoy. Perfect activity when you guys had a very tiring week at work — laughs guaranteed.

15. Couples game night.
If your lady is up to group dates, why not invite other couples? You can play different creative games like charades or spin the bottle. It’s fun to get to know other people more and share life stories.

16. Visit an aquarium.
Is she an advocate of the living conditions of the whales and dolphins? This is a no brainer, take her to the aquarium. What’s great about these places is that there’s always something new.

17. Visit the nearest rodeo.
Ever dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl? Well, let’s make that a reality! Enjoy as you watch the “real” honchos do their death-defying stunts. Pro-tip: There’s usually a nearby cowboy bar around the area so you can bet on who can do better on the mechanical bull.

18. Test-drive cars.
Warning: This can be a bit of an annoyance to the car sales consultant since you two might not really have intentions in buying but hey, it’s gonna be fun so why not? Pro-tip: Choose the really good ones and don’t forget to buckle up!

19. Visit a planetarium and learn about the solar system.
Discoveries about the universe continue to amaze every man. So if your girl is into constellations and the Milky Way galaxy, it’s the perfect date! No need to worry about what stuff to discuss after, I’m pretty sure that after your visit you’ve got a whole “planet” to talk about.

20. Go to a bookstore and look at the travel section.
Check out amazing travel destinations local and abroad. Both of you should make a list that you can discuss over coffee or dinner. Pro-tip: An alternative to this date is to buy a large world map and create your Top 10.

21. Go to a drive-in movie
If your girl likes the classic and romantic type, then this is it. Cuddle and snuggle as both of you watch the flicks.

22. Miniature golfing
Practice your swing with her, who knows you might get a hole-in-one right to her heart.

23. Walk the dogs.
Who’s up for a double date? If both of you got dogs and/or other pets, you might want to spend a day with them at the park. Getting the pets acquainted is important if you’re heading towards the serious lane, right?

24. Host a themed dinner party.
20s? Wild Wild West? Intergalactic? Fairytales? The crazier the better! Pro-tip: Ditch the prince charming costume. Try something new, something fun! How about Shrek.

25. Have a campfire.
Ready the smores! No need to go full outdoors, really. Just set up the tent in your backyard and get ready to cuddle. If you’re going to host this on your backyard make sure you got a bucket of sand or fire extinguisher. Safety first, as always.

26. Compose a song together.
Remember a song is also a poem, only with melody. So don’t put too much pressure on it. Just be creative and write how you feel about her, the words will eventually come.

27. Create a vision board.
Similar to a bucket list, but this time more about how you both see yourself 10 years from now.

28. Go to the beach.
Get your sunscreen, board shorts and sunnies ready. Take her to the beach or lake. Enjoy the sun and have fun swimming into the warm water. Pro-tip: Check out if the place offers different activities like parasailing, jet skiing, etc.

29. Fly kites.
This is absolutely nice. Walk around the park and fly some kites, there’s always something nostalgic and great in doing things we used to enjoy when we were kids. Pro-tip: You can even make your own kites if you like.

30. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, nursing home, or shelter.
Giving back to the community together makes you appreciate the things you already have more. Being with someone who shares the advocacy of caring and sharing is the best.

Bonus: 5 Creative First Date Ideas

1. Bust a Move
You don’t have to have a rhythm to enjoy a journey on the dance floor. While it may not be high on your list of priorities, let’s look at the facts. Dancing requires touching, talking, swaying, holding, and best of all laughing. Usually, the worse you are, the more fun it is. Laughing at yourself and others as you dance the night away is the perfect way to get to know your date. Dance classes are usually offered in various venues. Some bars even hold free dance lessons before their club actually opens. So, pick a class, grab your woman, and take a stab at it. It’s a guaranteed creative win for you!

2. Compete for a Treat
Friendly competition encourages interaction, banter, laughing, and touching. It’s a win-win, right? So, instead of sitting in a movie chair and staring at a screen, enhance your evening with some dart, miniature golf, or pool. Now, guys, don’t fret, you don’t have to let her win. However, kicking her butt or chest bumping her probably isn’t going to score you a good-night kiss either, so find a happy medium. Grab some beers or a glass of wine, play, and enjoy each other’s company. “Loser has to kiss the winner” is always a good wager!

3. Skip the Restaurant
Creating ambiance is the way to a woman’s heart. So, ditch the hustle and bustle of a noisy restaurant and create your own setting. A picnic or a barbecue is sure to be appreciated by any woman. Grab a blanket, wine, cheese, crackers, grapes, cookies, whip cream, chocolate, and whatever other delectable treats sound scrumptious and head someplace serene, such as a park, a rooftop, or your own backyard. For bonus points, don’t forget the candles. Not only do they give a thoughtful, romantic vibe, but you can roast marshmallows over them!

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4. Tackle the Progressive Dinner
So, you’re not completely ready to venture away from the safety of a restaurant? That’s totally okay! Let’s surprise her, and make it a progressive dinner! Start out at a cute little wine bar or unique pub for drinks. As the conversation flows, head out to a new place for some appetizers or maybe a salad. Have another hangout in mind for the main course. Hopefully, at this point, she will be delighted in your creativity and may even chime in with a suggestion for a romantic, little, dessert spot. This is the perfect way to create a changing atmosphere, conversation, and comfort!

5. Get Physical
Slow down. Before your mind takes you elsewhere, let me explain. If both of you enjoy the outdoors and physical activity, why not try something active? Who says you have to be sitting down and staring into each other’s eyes to have fun? NO ONE! Inviting her to run or walk a 5K with you, participate in a Mud Run, or embark upon a local obstacle/rope course can really ignite the sparks and heighten conversation. Just a tip, give her the ‘heads up’ on attire so she doesn’t show up in heels and a skirt hoping for a nice steak dinner. Physical activity, fresh air, laughter, and a burger are all the ingredients for a great date!

And there you have it, guys! Creating the perfect first date isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little thought, preparation, and creativity. The best dates are usually those that require less money and more thought.

So, challenge yourself to develop an atmosphere that will encourage interaction and laughter, and give the ‘restaurant and movie combo’ the night off. You will be amazed by the results. She will be moved by your thoughtfulness. And the words ‘OH MY’ just may tickle your ear as they slip from her lips!

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