30 Cheap Date Ideas

Successful dates are not always the fanciest and the most expensive ones. We can never deny that money can really be huge factor when planning for a night out with your special someone BUT it’s not the only thing that you should consider. With a little imagination, you will find creative ideas for cheap dates, we’ll help you to get some inspiration.

Here are top 30 cheap date ideas that are within every guy’s budget. Remember cheap does not equate to lame and boring. You’ll be surprised on how great the turnout will be.

1. Go to the local flea market.
You don’t even have to buy anything. Scout for interesting and unique (and sometimes weird) items that are surefire conversation starters. Pro tip: Don’t miss the antique stalls, most girls find beauty in rustic and historical pieces.

2. Volunteer to Humane Society.
Dogs are man’s best friend and they could be the perfect wingmen too. Volunteer to take those cute dogs or puppies for a walk. This date is a winner for girls who love animals and have a strong advocacy for animal rights.

3. Got an ice cream maker?
Invite her for an ice cream making challenge. It is best if you research for unusual flavors that you can both work on. It will be a bonus if you could also do the grocery for the needed ingredients together. Banana marmalade sundae, anyone?


4. DVD Marathon Night
Bring out the popcorn and trail mix, it’s gonna be a marathon. List down movies both of you would like watch together prior to the date night. This will give you the time to scout if you have those already on your collection or if you still need to download (or rent) it. You don’t want to waste time looking for the movies instead of cuddling, don’t you?

5. Bonfire by the beach.
If the weather permits, set up cozy bonfire night by the beach. This will set the mood as you talk about anything under the.. stars this time. Admire the serene ambiance and listen as the wind takes the waves back to the shore. Bring snacks and drinks to make the trip worthwhile too. Benefits: Cuddling is almost mandatory.

6. Be models for a day.
Got a disposable camera? List down interesting places that can serve as your “photo shoot location.” Do not limit yourselves to any setting; a mix of urban and unusual environment will keep this kind of date more interesting. Old buildings, ruins and abandoned railroads are just a few suggestions. Pro-tip: If you have a car and your date is really into the idea, you can also pack of few “costumes” to complement the setup.

7. Swap old photos together.
What’s more interesting than sharing throwback photos! And I mean old school photos – belt out laughs and giggles as you browse through each other’s awkward middle school looks and choice of fashion. If you can get your girl to share a picture of her with braces, then you’re on great path, pal. This proves that she trusts you and is comfortable to share sentimental stuff about her life. The same goes to you too.

8. Experimental bartending
Ever wondered what happens when you mix gin and coco juice? Well, it might not be the best idea but at least you’ll discover it together! But seriously, instead of just hitting the bar and getting some drinks, why not do it with a twist tonight? Research interesting flavors and stick with the ingredients you can find in your fridge or pantry. Pro-tip: This could be fun but make sure to check if your planned mixes are non-toxic and well… drinkable. Be sure to ask if she’s allergic to any of the ingredients you chose too. If these have been crossed off the list, then let the cocktail night begin!

9. Game night
date-ideas-at-homeBring out the Jenga, Battleship, Snakes and Ladders and the likes. To ensure that your date keeps within the fun meter zone, place bets or wagers prior to starting the games. This date goes well with cheat day too so you can munch on all the junk foods you could get.


10. Design your own couple shirt.
Raid your closets and look for a plain tee. Buy textile paints, glitters, sequins, etc. and brainstorm on cool designs you can incorporate. This is an absolute must for creative and artistic couples.

11. Food truck date.
Whoever said that cheap foods are always taste bud flops didn’t really know a great food truck. Perfect for budget-tied but still fun dates. To add spice, try a new menu that both of you haven’t tried yet. If your local area has a food truck strip, dare to try different food from each, at least one for appetizer, entrée and dessert. You can share food and compare notes after. This would be an amazing night for couple foodies.

12. Redecorate together.
You think your living room needs a fresh look? Why hire a decorator when you can work on this together. Make this your little project. Benefits: You’ll get plus points because letting her incorporate her ideas on your living space will make her feel special. Just tell her to go easy on the pink vases.

13. Bring out the scented candles and essential oils. It’s massage night.
If both of you don’t really know much about massages, jumpstart the night by watching quick tutorial videos. Then take turns in massaging each other. Pro-tip: Let the dates choose essential oils. Trust me; girls really know their stuff when it comes to those things. Enjoy!

14. Go biking.
Break some sweat this weekend and go biking in the park. This does not require you to shed hundreds of bucks and you even get to flex those muscles. Win-win situation if you ask me. You can also play a friendly race and the loser treats the winner to a healthy lunch or dinner.


15. Hunt for old classics.
Do you have any secondhand bookstore around your area? Go and hunt the classics. This works well if you are both into tangible reads over e-books.

16. Farmers Market
If you and your date are big fan of organic and fresh produce this is an ideal location. You may also organize a cook-off after. Who said you can’t have fun and healthy the same day?

17. Hike
Are you certified backpackers? Dust off your hiking shoes and enjoy the thrill of reaching the peak together. This is a wonderful time to talk about absolutely anything as you embark on your adventure.

18. Attend open houses
If you love to fantasize about dream houses then this is one activity you’ll surely both enjoy. You’ll also get to see home decor ideas that you could (cheaply) incorporate in your own houses. Sweet deal!

19. Attend Art Exhibits
Both of you got an eye for art? Then check your local listing and see any upcoming gallery openings this weekend. It’s always nice to have “artsy” conversations since there are a lot of ways to interpret the artist’s work. This will also give you the chance to know more about her as you much on the free cheese and wine.

20. Go to a comedy bar
Local comedy bars usually give free entrance for amateur nights. A hearty laugh is the perfect remedy to cure any toxic work week both you might had. Remember, girls dig guys with sense of humor.

21. Viral night
Check out viral funny videos on YouTube and prep some snacks. There are literally thousands of hilarious videos out there so don’t be afraid you’ll run out. Pro-tip: In the middle of your laugh fest, ask her what’s the funniest thing she ever did in her life; you won’t even notice you’ll be sharing both your own goofy moments all night.


22. Stargazing
It’s highly recommended to pick the spot just in time for sunset and watch as stars light up the dark sky one-by-one. You can even do a “Name the Star” challenge, first one to see the night sparklers will get to name it. Romantic and exciting, just the perfect date if you ask me. Just don’t forget the snacks, blanket and bug spray.

23. Choco-loco night.
Got sweet tooth? Buy any kind of chocolate from your local grocery and do some blindfold taste test. Directions: Mix the chocolates into a bowl and try to guess the brand (or type) of chocolate you picked while you’re blindfolded. Both of you will take turns. This could be the sweetest (literally) date ever! To add excitement, make a wager – example: the loser gets to make a nice hot cocoa for the victor.

24. Mini golf
Unleash your inner golfer and play putt-putt golf. You’ll be surprised how exciting and competitive the “tournament” will turn out. This is a perfect day to practice your swing and score a hole in one right to her heart.

25. Good with words?
Why not organize your own poetry reading? Write on the spot poems and share it with each other. You might want to watch the Dead Poets Society a day before your date for inspiration.

26. Paint job
Fence or porch needs repainting? Instead of hiring someone to do it for you, why not make this your weekend assignment? Take her with you to your local paint store and choose a new color together.

27. Vision board.
This is somewhat like a scrapbooking activity but instead of collecting memorabilia, you are to put your future plans. This is a very cheap and fun activity because the only things you’ll need are colored papers, glue, old magazines, decors and any coloring materials. Keeping on track with your goals have never been this artsy and romantic.


28. Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge
Schedule an exciting cookout session with a twist. Directions: You’ll get to pick the ingredients your date will use and vice versa. To reach maximum height of excitement, do not reveal your choices until date night. You should set the entire prep, cooking and plating to just one hour as well. I predict both of you will make a mess in the kitchen but trust me, it’s all worth it.

29. Wine tasting
Experience exquisite aged wines and enrich both of your knowledge about the different brands. I don’t see anything that could go wrong in this kind of set up, wines and dates are the perfect combo anyway.

30. Three lies, one truth.
Rules of the game: Both of you will list and share four statements about yourself and you will each guess which one is true. There are no rules to how many rounds you’ll go, the more the better. Pro-tip: Tell her about your plan a few days before so both of you can better prep for interesting “entries”. It’s a fun way to get to know her better!

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