How to get a Girl to like you

That’s one tricky subject. Why? Because they’re girls. One minute they like this and the other, well you get the picture. Girls are complex beings that might drive you nuts every now and then but ironically that’s exactly what’s adorable about them too. Life is crazy with them and crazier without them. We have to admit that their complexity adds vibrancy and excitement to guys’ very normal life phase. So, having established this girl fact, guys should always stay on the safe zone when trying to impress a girl. Too subtle would lead you to the darkest pit of friend zone (you wouldn’t want to be in there) and too “manly” can be annoying and might even get you arrested too. So, how do we do it? Let’s take a peek!

1. Don’t be lazy.
There are times when we just jump right off our bed and go to work or anywhere else. For guys, washing the face and brushing our teeth are the complete “prep-for-work” regimen. Well, if you plan to be single all your waking moments then you’re on the right track, pal. But if you want a girl to like you, then you should consider exerting effort and banking on hygiene. Don’t be too lazy to take a bath, comb your hair, wear clean clothes, smell good and be presentable. These are important factors that girls consider BUT it doesn’t mean that they only look on the physical aspects. When you’re well-groomed it conveys a message that you can (and is willing) to take care of yourself, that you are disciplined and mature. So being clean and smelling good goes a long way.

2. Be polite
Prove that chivalry is not dead. Opening the door for them, volunteering to carry the grocery bags and offering your seat are just a few examples. In this modern day and age where almost all relationships evolve around social media and everything online, it pays to be old school. Physical interaction is way better than the sweetest good morning SMS. Treat your lady how you would treat your momma.

3. Compliment when it’s due.
This is a very effective guy trick only if done right. Why? Because overdoing it will make you look like a suck up who would just say anything to gain a girl’s favor. If this happens, you take away the sincerity of the compliment even if you really, really mean it. So, make sure that you mean it when you say it. Pro-tip: Start with her shoes.

4. Don’t be just like any other guy.
Think outside the box and be unique. Flowers are nice but don’t you think it’s pretty common? Are you good at painting? She will be a good inspiration for your next sketch. I know guys who even compose songs and poems. Use your talent to impress her. Not only this would make you earn the points but she will genuinely feel special because things like that are the ones that money can’t buy. It means that you devoted extra time and effort to come up with that special stuff. High five brother!

5. Listen to her.
I know she’s pretty but you should not be distracted by her beauty. Listen to her stories, pay attention to the details and ask questions. Girls appreciate a guy who is interested to what she’s saying; who values her opinion and thinks that she gives good points. But don’t sound or look like a robot and just agree on everything she says. A little debate on light topics is fine especially if you’ve got a smart girl. These types love guys who can challenge their ideas. They are surely not fan of boring guys; they want someone whom they can also learn a lot of things.

6. Make her feel comfortable.
Guys should also remember that as sweet as it may look, being showered with special attention and affection may feel awkward too — especially on the early stages of a hopefully budding relationship. It is important to make her feel at ease and comfortable. As much as you would like to be the white knight in shining armor, ask yourself if she is the type of girl who likes those fairytale–ish type of wooing. She might just like Peter Parker instead of Spiderman. Let her feel that you’re the real deal, that she can be herself whenever you’re together. She can speak her mind without fearing that you’ll judge her opinions and beliefs. Let yourself be her comfort zone.

7. Get to know her.
Almost similar to tip number 5; One common guy mistake is talking too much about you. It is evident that you’re having a healthy and interesting conversation if you talk about each other. Make her realize that you’re attracted beyond her physical attributes; that you would like to know her in a more in-depth level. Ask relevant questions, those that would inspire her to voice out what she really thinks or feels. Don’t just jump right into asking questions, like anything else in this world; you need to warm things up a bit. Let me give you an example, after asking basic stuff about her school or university you can ask what made her decide to attend college there. Then you can follow up by asking whether she had any other choices or if other family members go to the same university too. Make it about her.

8. Take it slow.
Same as guys, women don’t like pressures too. If you guys are having fun together, let it be. Don’t rush into branding your relationship. Savor every moment and let the universe work its wonders.

9. Be yourself.
Never pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress her. The charade will surely wear you out and you would need to eventually show your true self. Any relationship based on a lie doesn’t really have a high percentage of a happy ending. Pro-tip: Common misconception of this advice is to not exert effort and be lazy about everything because you believe that it’s your true self. This is a wrong perspective, if you really like this girl, she should be source of inspiration. You should feel motivated to be a better version of yourself. That is different from pretending to be someone different.

10. Smarty pants
Ladies love smart and intelligent guys. You don’t really need to be super textbook smart. A little trivia about random things here and there will do the trick. To keep a girl, you should first know how to keep an interesting conversation.

11. Cook for her.
You don’t need a culinary degree to do this. A nice sandwich or salad will be perfect. There’s something about guys “cooking” or prepping for food that makes them a major turn on. Be more adventurous — Google simple but unique dishes. You can even invite her to come over and cook with you. Walk her through the steps and tell her what the inspiration for today’s menu is. It’s a great weekend date if you ask me.

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12. Meet the glam team.
Be open to the idea of meeting her circle. If you’re offered to join a night out with them, be flattered — this is an absolutely good sign. This means that she thinks you’re worth the time and she wants her girlfriends to see for themselves. Pro-tip: Be nice to everyone and interact with them. Show your fun-loving side and who knows, you might get the seal of approval.

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13. Introduce her to the squad.
Now, it’s your turn. Introduce her to your squad. Doing this makes every girl feel super special. Guys are known to be very private when it comes to heart matters even with their friends so if he brings someone in, both the girl and his “homies” would know that there’s something exceptional going on.

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14. Surprise her.
Since you have already gone out a few times and assuming that you have been paying attention to your conversations, you might know a thing or two about the stuff she really likes. For example, if she says she loves classic books, why not hunt one on a secondhand bookstore and have it delivered to her house or office. Don’t wait for a special occasion.

15. Skip SMS, write a note.
No need to copy and paste Shakespearean sonnets. No need to shop for the most fragrant stationery too. Grab a clean sheet of paper or even a Post-It and write short sweet notes. A simple “Have nice work week!” or “Can’t wait to see you later!” would do the trick. As matter of fact, this could be your “thing”. If she answers back with her own note, keep going. This is way cooler than any online messaging app.

16. Have the “me time”.
Don’t smother her. There’s no question on how much you love to be with her but giving her the alone time she needs is a must. This will give you both the time to do personal chores and even to miss each other a bit. But don’t be a stalker, man. Don’t follow her and watch her from a distance — it’s super creepy.

17. Eye on the prize only
You two may just be having fun and not branding anything yet but don’t go flirting with other girls. The reason why you’re reading this article is because you think there’s a chance to be in a serious relationship with this fine lady, don’t screw it up by getting a side chick. Being faithful starts from Day 1.

18. Be spontaneous.
Routines can be tiring and dull. If you’ve been going out every single Saturday these past few weeks, then it’s about time to try something new. Show her that you’ve got a lot of tricks on your pocket. Amaze her with your fun and adventurous weekend plans. Pro-tip: If she likes physical activities, invite her for a hike or tour around the countryside. If she’s the indoor chick, then have a popcorn and Netflix night. I smell cuddles already.

19. The Bucket List.
If she opens up about something she’s dying to do — travelling, starting a new hobby or sport, joining an art exhibit, etc. encourage her to do so. Offer your help and if possible, take part of her bucket list too. She might need just a little push.

20. You’re the real deal.
Make her feel that you’re for real and that you’re more than your fun dates and adventure road trips. Don’t be shy to express that you’ve got a lot more to offer if she just gives you the chance to prove it.

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