How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Do you think she’s sending “the signals” but you aren’t really sure about it? Girls tend to drop a lot of subtle hints but as a guy it can be hard to identify whether she’s into you or not. Girls can be very confusing and sometimes it seems like reading hieroglyphics. One minute they’re sweet and touchy and well, they can be exactly the opposite after a few winks. Dealing with the lovely Venus could mean you won a round trip to an enormous garden maze.

How most guys feel, when they try to figure out if she likes you:

Before you get lost in the labyrinth of confusion normally called the women’s signals you may want to take a look at these tell-tale signs that she likes you. Fortunately, they will help you to know if she’s interested without having to ask her up front.  Especially if you want to kiss a girl, check these signs before you make your move. Knowing that she wants you, will help you to gain confidence and prevent an embarrassing rejection.

This is especially useful when you want to know if she likes you more than just as a friend. It’s also recommended when you want to kiss a girl, to check these signs before you make your move. Knowing that she wants you, will help you to gain confidence and prevent an embarrassing rejection.

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Signs that she likes you

There are several types of signs, so I structured them to make it easier for you. Some are more obvious than others, but most of the time you will be able to read her nonverbal cues from her body language and her behavior. So let’s start at the top of her body, her head.

Her Facial Expression

1. Facial expressions
Does she give you the “I’m all ears and I can listen to you forever” look whenever you’re having a conversation? Tilted head and a warm facial expression clearly seal the deal.

2. Blushing
It’s like being warped back to junior high when you catch a glimpse of your crush on the hallway or when she wants to borrow a pen from you. Blushing is involuntary, so it’s very easy to spot. Even simple and normal “Good morning” greetings make her uneasy and uncomfortable which eventually results to flushed rosy cheeks.


3. Hair twirls and flips
Flirting alert! This signature move got the “I’m so into you!” sprayed all over it. Your girl is trying to enhance her cuteness when she’s with you. It signifies playfulness and it might also be an unconscious behavior. She even toss her hair back or hook it behind her ears to reveal her neck. This is the same reason why the hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory and she’s trying to accentuate it by playing with it. So if she does these actions when you’re around, she might be sending some good signals, brother.

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4. The Glance
Similar to the eye contact but this is a more “brief” version. It is usually a “stolen” look. If a girl likes you, they just can’t help but look. They will look at you wherever you are in the room. If staring becomes too obvious, then this is their next “line of defense”.

5. Eye contact
These are unfortunately not the hot seductive ones you probably are wishing right now. It’s more of the quick high school types that would end in smiles or occasional hand waves. However, there’s a great possibility to turn it to intimate ones you hope if you ask her out. Just like what they say, eyes are the windows of the soul. It’s an ancient cliché but still proves to be true. Constant eye contact means that she’s interested. Eye contact signifies that she’s listening to everything you’re saying (or at least she pretends to be) and it can even be an open invitation for longer talks. On the other hand, if she quickly looks away, it could also be a good sign that she’s into, especially when she’s a shy girl.


6. Her Pupils
Apart from the eye contact, have you noticed that her pupils are dilated? Dilation happens when our eyes are in low light conditions and when we’re feeling intense attraction or desire. Wow! Talk about sparks and fireworks! Go get her, tiger!

7. Bats her eye
This is one of the most obvious signs that she’s totally digging you. Just make sure that she doesn’t have dirt in the eye and you’re misinterpreting the whole thing.

8. The Glow.
There’s an undeniable twinkle in her eye whenever she talks to you or you’re together. You have validated this because other people around you notice her “glow” too. As a matter of fact, a lot of your peers have been complimenting her lately. It’s as if she got a new spunk and attitude that’s too obvious not to notice.

9. Lippy Lizzie
Biting, licking and touching her lips while talking or looking at you are surefire signs! This can even be considered sexual in nature and is usually done to draw attention towards her mouth. She’s trying to tease and be naughty, so you better ask her out for Saturday night drinks. It’s a definite YES for an answer.

10. A mile of smiles
If a girl is attracted to a guy, she literally can’t help but smile. It has become an involuntary gesture. If you walk up to them this is their initial reaction and they can’t seem to manage to take it off their faces.

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Other Body Parts

1. Arms by her side
Not crossing her arms indicates that you’re free to come closer and that you’re welcome to talk to her. It reveals openness and willingness of your company.

2. Her Hands
Fidgeting can be related to nervousness and being uneasy. So if she usually fiddles with her jewelry or just about anything around, this might be a good sign for you. This means that you have that certain undeniable “effect” over her. Try to make her comfortable by initiating friendly conversations.

3. Legs for days
Crossing and uncrossing of legs repeatedly, rubbing them against each other could mean that she wants you to notice her physical and sexual attractiveness.

4. Her Feet
Check if both her feet are pointed towards you whenever you two are talking. Science has backed up that it is a subconscious reaction when we find another person interesting or attractive.

5. Shoe Dangler
Have noticed that she’s playing with her shoes when you’re together? This could mean that she’s being naughty and could even mean arousal!

Her Appearance

1. Dress to impress
Her whole ensemble is on point. Just a few weeks ago she was usually on her tees and jeans but lately, she’s been experimental on her wardrobe and puts even more makeup on.

2. Fragrance
Ladies are naturally good-smelling, but she seemed to have taken this description by a notch (or two). You and the people around you know when she’s coming. You can smell her walking from the mail room. As long as her scent is not causing anyone to gag, I think it’s great!

3. Chocolate Side
Believe me, every girl knows her most prominent facial frame. If she often displays her “most gorgeous side”, it means that she wants to look better in front of you.

her-body-language-signs-if-she-likes-you4. Her Posture
When a woman arches her back, it could mean two things: 1. she’s simply stretching and 2. she’s improving her posture. By doing the latter, she knows that it enhances the size of her breast, and the legs become more prominent. Be a good judge when trying to decide between stretching and flirting. You don’t want to have the signals mixed.

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Her Physical Behavior

1. Proximity Check
If a girl likes you, she’ll be more willing to come closer. Your lady might also want to sit next to you or even just near you. Personal space is a thing of the past. She seems not to mind that you are only literally a few inches away from each other when she talks to you – whether to borrow a sharpener or ask about the homework. This is when rubbing elbows and breathing on one’s neck are no longer metaphors.

2. Touch by touch
Is she becoming touchy? “Accidental” bumps along the hallway and quick hand or shoulder taps become more frequent. These are important signs that might be equivalent to special affection. Is she suddenly interested in feeling your biceps or is always trying to fix your tie? If so, just flex away and enjoy the special attention. It can also be done “discreetly” by “accidental” arm or hand touches. These are one of the more obvious non-verbal cues and signs of attraction. Tip: As much as you feel like she’s trying to flirt, be a gentleman still. Simple touches are not always an invitation to escalate.

3. Touching herself
If she is touching her legs, breasts,  This is another way of showing her sexy side. She tries to communicate that she can be very daring and seductive too.

4. Playing Naughty
Everything around her including the staplers and white board marker suddenly becomes an object of seduction. She plays with it seductively and with the usual involvement of her “sexual zones” such as her lips, breasts or legs.

5. Mirroring
This is also a subconscious reaction that validates attraction. There’s even a scientific term for this, it is called “postural echoing”. Do a little experiment, when you’re with her notice if she’ll mimic your body language, position or movements.

6. Breathing pattern
Wow! Congratulations! You must be taking her breath away! When a person is nervous or conscious, it is sometimes noticeable that she seems to be gasping for air. This is a telltale sign of attraction unless she might be having an asthma attack. So please, make sure you can clearly decipher this non-verbal cue accurately.

7. She’s just everywhere
Have you ever felt that she seems to be always around? The stalker-mode is switched on; but hopefully not the creepy type. The universe must be bringing you together, I know it’s a nice thought but we might have some realistic explanation regarding that. Girls are very good at research and this talent escalates on two special instances 1. If they think their partner is cheating and 2. If they like a guy. For some reason they seem to know your calendar and just poofs right where you are.

Conversation with her

1. Initiates conversation
She tells you a lot of stuff. I know that girls are usually the talker but she seems to grow fondness in having you as her audience. But not the annoying chitty chats, it’s more of an engaging conversation where she also lets you say your piece. Awkward silence is a thing of the past now.

2. You’re suddenly the go-to-person about anything.
Keyboard not working? She goes to you. Problems downloading a file? She asks your help. She needs to charge her phone? Borrows your charger or power bank. You’re suddenly knighted as “the guy”. If you’re naive, you might be annoyed or irritated because it might disturb you from whatever you’re doing but take this as a sign that she’s just craving for your attention. Just remember that it always pays to save a damsel in distress as long as you’re not becoming a white knight.


3. It’s a standup comedy and you’re the star.
You’re no Jim Carey or Will Ferrell, and everybody knows that. Even your parents would agree that humor isn’t your strongest thing. But how come she digs all your jokes? Even the knock-knock ones? Well, good news and bad news. Good news is she might really be into you. Bad news: She’s just laughing because she might be into you or she also got a bad sense of humor. But good or bad, there’s a chance that she likes you, right? And that’s no laughing matter.

4. There’s something about the way she talks.
You might have talked before but not the way she discusses things with you recently. There’s a hint of flirting and a lot of smiling lately. Don’t get me wrong, these are good signs especially if you like her. If it takes her longer to borrow your pen or stapler or whatever’s on your desk then you might have done something good lately and the universe is showering you with cosmic and karmic favors.

5. Hops in the conversation
Does she find ways to join conversations between you and your friends? Is she suddenly interested in car accessories and the release date of the new video game? Seems she’s trying to get closer to you! If you like her, this is a really good sign for you. This means that she’s making an effort for you to notice her and to make you feel that you have things in common.

6. Mentions topics that you might be interested in
She seemed to be super updated on events that you are interested in – weekend car shows, NBA tours in your city, free rock concerts, etc. If you like her, it’s best to take her with you. It’s a very polite gesture and it would be the perfect time to get to know her better.


7. She listens.
Yep, she does. She really does. It’s as if you’re in a sound-proof room when you guys talk. Like you put her into a deep trance, and she can only hear your voice. Well, what can you do, you’re naturally hypnotizing, eh?

8. Follow up questions
Questions are not answerable by simple Yes, No, nod or shaking of the head. She seemed to be very confused about things lately and needs to ask more questions about whatever you two were discussing.

9. Private Questions
A very clear sign that she is interested in being more than just friends is if she asks you about your preference in girls or if you have a girlfriend.

10. Compliments
She makes you little compliments or tries to get a compliment from you showing off her skills or new fashion items.

11. She indirectly asks you out
She tries to find situations how she could spend time with you, without sounding like a date. One example would be asking if she can join you walking the dog.

Special Treatment

1. Extra Attention
Well, it doesn’t really take a lot of science and analysis to figure this one out. If she treats you extra nice and gives you a lot of attention over anyone else then you’re one lucky guy.

2. Thoughtfulness overload
Ta-ddaaa! Coffee on your desk. You don’t have to guess who bothered. Just look at the Post-It meticulously placed on the paper cup. Yep it’s her. But it doesn’t end there — does she share her sandwich? Saves the last slice of pizza when you’re not around? These little things are her ways of telling you that she cares.

3. Willing to try your favorites
She courageously tries the jalapeno sausage sandwich you proudly invented because it’s your fave. No girl would just dive into something (it can be food, sports, hobby, etc.) just for the stake of trying. If they go out of their norms for you, then she really thinks you’re special. Pro-tip: Going back to the first example about the sandwich, even if you didn’t force her to munch, be a gentleman and have water or milk ready.

4. One of the boys
She tries to blend in with your bros. Girls understand how important the approval of his gang is if ever things get serious. So as early as now, she tries to blend in with your crowd. Hopefully, she doesn’t try too hard because it would certainly look like she’s just faking it. Gestures like this are easy to spot, and your friends will also notice too. Pro-tip: Ask the rest of the boys to make her feel welcome but do not make fun of her. She technically just wants to be part of the group. Be nice, boys — this would also be the number 1 rule.

5. She replies.
She texts you a lot and replies no longer than a minute. There’s gotta be no other explanation.

6. She takes your side.
When brainstorming over a new project concept, she seems to like almost all of your ideas! I’d say almost because though she’s sending you signals, she still doesn’t want it to be a super giveaway. I know it’s quite confusing but why do you think we have this list?

7. Selfies
She wants to take pictures with you and post it on her social media accounts. It’s sort of a girl thing; not really the marking-my-territory kind since you two are not in a relationship (yet) but it’s sending the signal to other people that you are associated with her. The I-know-him-and-we-go-to-work-together-and-I-kinda-like-him signal.

When you’re not around

1. The glam team knows you.
Well, you know that she got her own circle of girlfriends. But what you don’t know is that they also know you and probably have stalked your Facebook over the past weeks too. You suddenly get “His” and “Hellos” from her friends whom your only interaction before was being in the same cafeteria line. So, if you’re wondering what’s with the sudden attention, well chances are she’s into you and her friends know it too.

2. Social media clues
Are you friends on Facebook? If you are, you might want to take special notice of her posts. Love quotes? Sharing of sweet songs from Spotify? Positive outlook and I’m-so-happy-to-be-alive status? There’s a chance that she’s really happy these days and yeah, it probably is because of you. Another clue is when she tags you on stuff that she thought you might be interested in. And she seems to be the first liker of anything you post lately – even the guy stuff.

3. Happy and inspired are the new pink.
She just seems to be so happy and inspired lately. Pro-tip: Be flattered that you are someone’s source of happiness and inspiration. If you like her, the perfect time to ask her out; but never use this knowledge to take advantage in any way. That’s never cool.

Female Body Language in Action

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