10 Ways to Break Awkward Silence

A first date can cause nervousness especially when one has no idea of what to talk about. In most cases, you find that the couples do not know where to begin hence end up in silence. The silence could be very uncomfortable. The situation is even worse when none of the parties want to break it. As it is, first dates are always awkward where the couple doesn’t know what to say or even how to. Remember that, every second that tickles only increases the tension and the sooner you know how to fight it, the better. With some tips for first date conversation starters, you can greatly boost your confidence and have fun moments all through. Here are some of them:

1. One also needs to be conversant with what is happening around the world. This helps you get some pick up lines to help start a topic. It could be an interesting story that you happened to see and would want to share. From the world of sports, news, and politics, you will definitely have something to talk about.

2. Being observant is also a nice a way of breaking awkward silence on a date. You can make observations on the surroundings as well as some unique piece of accessory that someone is wearing. Get to know if it has any significance and where it came from. This could be a funky brooch or a dazzling necklace. Whatever it is, you can comment on it to spark up a conversation. You might be surprised to know how much information you date will give you regarding the same.

3. Sharing the high and low highlights of your day is also a good way to break silence. Don’t talk too much, just state the most exciting highlights and proceed to your date. Ask how her day was. Follow up on what your date says, for example, if they say that the day was exciting; get to know why it was interesting and so on.

4. Recall the conversations held in the past- talk about conversations you have had over the phone. By talking about the conversations you had when putting up the dates, you will get a way of pushing the conversation forward.

5. One can ask her about the latest books or movies that she has watched. This way, the date will become more interesting than you had imagined.

6. Always keep in mind that, a conversation cannot be forced to happen. If it the conversation you are having feels like dragging a log uphill with high heel shoes on, well, its time to let it go and choose on a more interesting topic.

7. Other than letting the apprehension and nervousness ruin a perfect date to bond with a special girl, ask them about their personal life. Where did they go to college? How many are they in their family? What motivates them in life? Such questions are good to keep the fire in a conversation burning. It is quite evident that, if you are genuinely curious about the new date, she will not get bored in you company.

8. Make a joke about the silence it needs not to be funny. It’s just an attempt to create humor by the fact that you have both fallen into silence. This greatly helps break tension.

9. Take deep breaths it’s much easier to start a conversation when you are relaxed rather than when one is nervous.

10. Ask random questions like, what do you think about a parrot as a pet?

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