Why do girls like Bad Boys?

We’ve all been through it before.. the girl of our dreams going for the “asshole” “douchebag” guy that hurts her feelings. The guy that makes crude jokes and moments later kiss closes. The person where a mere 30 minutes ago the girl said she can’t stand him and all of a sudden they’re playfully flirting striking up conversation. Most guys can’t wrap their minds around why the girl doesn’t like you! I mean, you open the door for her, you compliment her every day, you put your sleep aside to stay up with her, she tells you “I wish other guys are like you” so why doesn’t she go for you instead of the “other guy”?

Think of a time where you did the “nice things” listen above for girls. Did you end up just a friend, or did you end up more? If you ended up more, Lucky you! Message me and tell me how you did it because I surely haven’t figured it out. For the rest of you, keep reading. Take time to look at the “douche bag” that the girl looks for. What does he have that you don’t? Tall posture? Good conversation? Does he smile and agree with everything the girl says, or does he keep a mysterious straight face and challenge the girl?

In a nut shell, girls don’t like YOU because your being too nice. Your being a door mat for her to walk all over. You kiss her ass to get her attention and she’s used to it. She has you on a leash and thats where she wants you. There’s a difference between being nice and being attractive. Telling a girl all the time she looks good isn’t attractive. Being there 24/7 for a girl may be nice, but it isn’t all that attractive.

If you like a girl, being nice isn’t the way to get to her heart. Hiding behind feelings of attraction with nice compliments and acts of kindness wont get you to the bed room or on that first date you’ve been looking for. Challenging her will get you there. Walking on the border of “sweet” but “arrogant” will get you there. Physically touching her and telling her how you feel will get you there.

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