What to talk about with a Girl (10 First Date Topics)

what to talk about with a girl

She said yes (hold your horses, it’s just a date!)! Now what? Check out this list of conversation DO’s and DONT’s. Aside from your shoes, you would also want to impress them on how well you carry conversations because.. duhh.. who wants a boring date? So, let’s keep this intro short and off we go..

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Avoid Talking About These Topics

1. Politics
You’re on a date not a debate and should be enjoying a stress-free conversation. Topics about political parties, foreign policies, government programs, etc. are sure fire buzz kill. Politics is something you talk about with your uncles over barbecues because you don’t have any choice and barbecues are meant to be meatier to make it more tolerable. Even if you both support the same candidate or agree that The West Wing is the best political drama of all time, it’s just way too heavy.

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2. The Pope, the Rabbi and the Imam
Religious beliefs should not really be the focus of discussions of any dates. There are endless angles, conspiracy theories, secret scrolls, etc. Unless you’re dating Dan Brown, it’s not something you would like to bring up. And to be fair, I think even Dan Brown would like some timeout about medieval religious sacrifices and ancient catacomb hunt too.

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3. Your Ex-Girlfriend
No. Just don’t. Your buddies won’t even tolerate the ex-discussion then why on earth would you want to have this as conversation starter on a date? It will make you look like a stalker and someone who haven’t moved on. Textbook creepy. What’s the sense of dating new people when you’re stuck thinking about the past? You should have not bothered asking him or her on formal date if you just want to blab about your ex; you should have asked them over for Jenga instead.

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4. Mandatory family gatherings
It’s a plus that you’re a family guy. You love your parents and you’ve managed to get along well with your siblings. Bravo. That’s all for now. You don’t have to smother her with all your Thanksgiving IG photos over the last 4 years. She just want to get to know you first, Uncle Nigel and Aunt Gertrude can wait. Telling her that you’re the official grill chef every Memorial Day might put her off — dude, chances are she got family too and who knows she might be the official cocktail server on her side of the family. She might see this as complications and early signals that things shouldn’t really get serious between you two since holidays schedules seem to be something written in stone.

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5. Salary
Unless you’re talking about you bosses’ tax returns and how magnificent his new Malibu crib is, there’s absolutely no reason why you would need to snoop about how much she’s earning. Talking about money makes you look like an insecure and overly-competitive person. Finances are private matters that you don’t really share with someone you’re dating for a couple weeks.

Great Topics To Talk About

1. City Dude o Rural Guy
Talking about hometowns and proud lineage will always be fun. It’s nice to know how people spent their childhood and feel nostalgic about the good-ol-days.

2. Dog or Cat Person?
Our fluffy and furry friends make the list of the best topics to talk about. Why? Simply because their furry and fluffy – what could go wrong? If you got a dog and she got one too, you may ask her if you can join on one of their walks. You guys can go on a double date! It does not get any awesome than that!

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3. What does your Saturday look like?
Knowing her typical Saturday night (or morning) will give an idea on what type of dates you’ll follow through (considering if this works). If she’s into partying, then to the bars you go. If she’s into theatre, then you can volunteer to get the tickets for this weekend’s show.

4. What’s your group of friends like?
You better listen to the Spice Girls’ hit “Wannabe”. If you really like her, you have to win the friends too. Especially Tiffany, the BFF. Friends’ approval is vital when it comes to dating. Her circle would want someone who (1) good enough for their friend and of course someone who (2) they could also get along with. Take mental notes.

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5. Cinema or Netflix?
It’s a modern way of asking if she likes to go out or would prefer to cuddle or curl at home instead. This is a good question so you’ll know whether to buy popcorn or have the Chinese restaurant phone number on speed dial.

So that’s it. But one thing you should remember is, the whole idea of dating really seems to be a tangled web and to be honest there isn’t really a perfected formula to ace it. But the good news is, if it’s already complicated as it is, why complicate it further? Just keep it simple and keep it true. Baby steps are the way to go. Giant leaps might take you further, but it might also take you to the dead end fast. Relax. Our main goal is to get to know her and for her to get to know you. You’re already awesome so no need to panic – just enjoy the rest of the night! Good luck, mate!

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