How to attract Women

how to attract women

A Checklist for Playboys, the 30 most attractive Qualities you should never forget!

The World of Seduction is BIG, there are thousands of little details which decide if you are getting laid. Beautiful women are desired by nearly every man, there is a lot of competition and the only way to determine which of all those men she is going to make love with are these little details. They reveal how attractive you are compared to her other options.

Below I’m going to share with you the most important details and qualities you need to attract women. If you got them right, you will be more successful in the dating game than about 90% of men out there, which will definitely get you laid. The remaining 10% are the hardest part, those are mainly things that you learn after gaining a lot of infield experience and studying women (e.g. by reading our dating advice).

How to Look Attractive

Your appearance is the first impression. Looks are not everything but for most girls they are definitely very important. I’m not talking about facial features, it’s more about the things you can influence and how you present yourself.

Have a nice body

You don’t need to look like a bodybuilder, but having some nice guns and a six-pack will definitely boost your confidence and sex-appeal for most girls. Working out does also increase your testosterone levels, which will naturally turn you into a more masculine guy. … nice butt abs

Always be well groomed 

Take care of your skin, keep it healthy and get a tan if your pale. If you have a beard, trim it before going out, just like your nails and your pubic hair. Use a good smelling cologne (get female advice on this) and never forget the standard procedures like brushing your teeth, taking a shower and using antiperspirant.

Have a sense of fashion

In magazines like GQ or Fashion Blogs you can see what’s currently in style. Keep your eyes open and pay attention what kind of clothes the successful guys in the clubs are wearing. Do the same with your hairstyle, have some nice little accessories.


Attractive Body-language

The best looking guy won’t have any success if he walks around like a looser. People treat you the way you treat yourself. Walk like a winner, like someone who has his life together.

Wear a smile

Don’t overdo it like you would won the lottery, just enough to look friendly, open and carefree. People like to be around other people who are happy and raise their own state. It shows that you’re pleased and don’t need external validation.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back

This signals that you are not hiding yourself but rather showing yourself, you don’t care if people are watching you because you are confident and present.

Hold your head and eyes up

Very similar to the previous one, don’t look at the ground, you are proud of yourself and have a positive outlook on life that’s why you hold your head and eyes up. Girls have a quote that goes like “Keep Your Head Up Prince(ss) Or Else Your Crown Will Fall”.

Hold eye contact

Eye contact is the non verbal form to communicate three things: interest, affection and dominance. Of course you want to let her know that you are interested, by holding eye contact you will also see if she returns it and is interested too. If she holds it for two seconds or longer, it’s time to make your move.

Avoid these..

Putting your hands in your pockets, We do this when we’re nervous, uncomfortable or unsure of ourselves. Also avoid crossing your arms, it’s a protective posture, we do it when we’re nervous or on guard.


Attractive Characteristics

The following points are core characteristics, which appear attractive to nearly every woman, regardless of her cultural background. Most men have probably heard them already but are still not using the knowledge to become a better version of themselves. Check yourself how many of them you are fulfilling.  

Sense of Humor

Marilyn Monroe once said: “If you make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” Laughing is one of the greatest emotions you can give to a woman. She will be more thankful for it than any other material gift. Some people are born with a good sense of humor; others have the possibility to learn it later.

Don’t confuse this with arrogance. Confidence comes from experience; it takes time. You can be confident in one area and at the same time insecure in another area. Focus on the areas that are important; in terms of seduction they are primary the environment where you meet each other (bar, club, coffee-shop) and the conversation that you have with her. Be prepared and practice until you feel comfortable.


Make yourself aware of the things that define you and be proud of them. Women will try to judge and change you, it’s in their nature; don’t let that happen. Know your self-worth and don’t accept respect-less behavior. People, especially women will treat you the way you allow them to. Have boundaries and walk away from people who don’t value them.

Lead her

There is a huge hype about being an alpha male and how important it is to be the alpha in your group to attract women. This leads to a lot of insecurities, because you will constantly be reflecting your actions and comparing yourself to the other guys. But all you need to do is be more dominant than the woman you want to attract and lead her. Try to plan things ahead and be the one who makes the most decisions.

Be a challenge

Don’t show too much interest too early. Let her wonder from time to time if you are into her. Don’t be available all the time, don’t be online all the time. Be busy, have a life and things that are more important than a women. Try to be the one who ends the conversation. Women prefer uncontrollable men, keep her on her toes.

Playful, positive attitude

Don’t take yourself or life too seriously. This will also help you to approach women without taking a rejection personal, because it’s just a game, and you love to play it. Be present, carefree, don’t worry about what others might think and enjoy the moment.


Martin Luther said: “If You’ve Got Nothing Worth Dying For, You’ve Got Nothing Worth Living For”. There should be something in your live that you love to do. It could be a dream, a goal a hobby or sport, it doesn’t matter what it is, the only thing that matters is that you pursue it with passion.


You love women and no matter how much you adore a special one, you are always aware that she isn’t he only one. You appreciate her presence, but you don’t need her, because your life is already complete without her and the next opportunity is two steps away. Always have your desires and emotions under control. This can be very hard sometimes, and it requires a lot of self-discipline.

Don’t judge her

Women who love to be sexy and live out their desires mostly have a bad reputation in our society. You don’t need to marry a women, who buried more bones than the third Reich (AV8R), but these so called sluts are doing us a favor by making many men happy. If you judge her, she will lie to you and make everything harder by trying to appear as a good girl. So appreciate her slutty side, and she will reward you by fulfilling your dreams in the bedroom.

Don’t be too picky

“Fat girls are like mopeds. There fun to ride, but you don’t want anyone to see you riding them.” Of course, you want to bang only 10s, but how do you gain the experience to satisfy her in bed? Experience should be your primary goal; it’s better to have sex with an average looking girl than to do it yourself. The best players I know have all fucked some mediocre looking girls and still do from time to time. You can’t eat caviar every day.

Deep love for women

Women are neither your enemy nor your opponent. Confident women will notice if you have honest intentions from which both of you will benefit. Your goal and mindset shouldn’t be to persuade her with techniques and trick your way into her pants. It should be having a good time together and finally, giving her pleasure.


Additional Advantages

These are external things, that don’t have to do with you as a person. You have to build them over time and they will bring you a lot of benefits when it comes to attracting women.

Friends who are good with women

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” (Jim Rohn). Your unconscious mind will automatically adapt their behavior. You will learn a lot by watching them in action, but also by just being around them. The topics you talk about and their attitudes will rub off on you. It will be easier to welcome new women in your group, if your friends know how to keep their attention. A great wing-man is something you shouldn’t underestimate.

Female friends

Don’t worry about being friend-zoned, it has also many benefits for you. I often friend-zone girls which I really like because I want to keep them in my life. Every female friend will have around 10 other female friends and some of them are probably pretty. The best way to get to know a women is through her friends, because she won’t have a bitch-shield, you are “save” and she will be much more open and friendly. She will also be uncertain if you are interested or just being friendly.

Social Circle

Being someone who is popular and knows a lot of people is a big turn on for women. Especially if there are many other women who welcome you joyfully. It signals to her that there is something about you that people seem to like and she got competition. Humans are very influenced by what others think or like. Additionally it’s always great to be with someone popular, because it never get’s boring.

Know who you are

Every one of us has a unique type, it consists of your nationality, cultural background, religion, skin color, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the newspaper you read, the things you do in your leisure time and so on. Find out who you are and what you like, this is your identity, it will repel some women but it will attract the ones who match to you. Women love men with a strong identity.

Know what you want

A part of your identity are the women you adore. I have a wide variety of totally different women that I like, but that’s okay because 1. no matter how different the women are, there are always some things that they all have in common and 2. there is a core type of women that turns me on the most. Find out what kind of women and what characteristics you love, it will save you a lot of time. When you finally find one who matches your criteria, you will value her much more.

Have your place

Before you can attract a woman, you first need to find one that you are attracted to. Now that you know her type, it’s much easier to find out where those type of girls are hanging out the most. For example, you want a sweet and nice girl, who is a little shy and spends most of her time at home? Then a library, bookstore or online dating might be a good place to find her. Do you want intelligent girls? Then you should check out the college campus. You want to gain a lot of experience and have sex with many different women who place a lot of value on their appearance? Then the club scene will be best for you. Do you love big booties and girls with darker skin color? Go to Clubs who play black music. You see what I mean.

Specialize yourself

You might have read things like, when you want to be good with girls, you should be good in all situations. That’s bullshit. Of course, it’s very helpful to have a charming personality and be able to open a conversation no matter what kind of situation, but let’s be realistic, it’s absolutely enough to have one place where you are really good. For example: Find your favorite club, go there every weekend and build a social circle with people who are also often there. It will give you social proof, and you will feel much more comfortable around your friends in an accustomed environment. Women sense this, it’s so much better than if you are in a new environment and feel like a stranger, find your own territory.


Most guys go out and get some drinks to become more comfortable. A little drunk they start to dance and hope to see a nice girl who likes to dance. It’s like shooting blindfolded. You don’t want to run around without focus and wait for something to happen. A real player observes the room to reveal all the potential that might be there tonight. This will also help you to notice if she has a boyfriend and save you from rejection or an argument. When the situation is good, it’s time for the approach.

You will always need to remember these things. No matter if you are going out on a date or to meet new woman, quickly read over the bold points and refresh your attitude. I will extend this list from time to time so you should definitely bookmark this page.

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