Aylar Lie

aylar lie

Although I don’t know the real Aylar Lie, I will talk about how she appeals in the Basshunter Videos that you can watch below this article. Maybe you like the music, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, his videos are excellent. In every video he tells one part of a big love story and Aylar Lie is the leading actress.

aylar-lie-showerShe is the type of girl most men instantly fall in love with. On the one hand, she looks like a sex bomb from an adult movie but on the other hand she still manages to appear so cute with her girly behavior that she seems to be kind of innocent.¬†Aylar Lie is a bundle of emotions, most of the time she is joking, laughing and happily playing around. Her careless behavior makes you¬†enjoy her company. She is very confident in her appearance loves to dress up and seduce with her looks. You can see her charisma shining trough her eyes and when she gets jealous or mad with her strong temper, it’s so cute that you just want to make it right immediately.

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