Sasha Grey

She became famous for being a porn-star but unlike most girls in that industry her primary motivation wasn’t the money. She admits herself that she loves doing it and if you look closer you will notice that this isn’t just talk. She truly did it with passion, which is one of the reasons she became so popular. She loves to get really dirty, explore her limits and exceed her boundaries. At her first shoot, shortly after her 18th birthday, she asked her costar to punch her in the stomach. She also claims to have invented licking a toilet seat as part of a scene in pornography. For Sasha Grey it was kind of a self-exploration, she tried to bring art into the porn industry.

Although Sasha enjoyed it so much, in 2011 she announced her retirement from adult films. The main reasons for her was that she wanted to express herself in other ways like being a mainstream actress. The most famous movie where she played a main character was The Girlfriend Experience.

Why is Sasha Grey a Dream Girl?

0. She is rich and famous, although this doesn’t count, because it’s an external advantage which has not so much to do with her uniqueness as person.I know for most guys this wouldn’t be the kind of girl to have as girlfriend and introduce her to your parents. But if you look beyond these social conditioning’s you will see why she is the perfect candidate for a open relationship.

1. She doesn’t give a fuck about what others think about her. Like I said before, she started to make porn, because she liked to. She liked a toilet seat because she wanted to, this may sound degrading at first, but it just shows that she has no shame at all and doesn’t care if people think she is a cheap disgusting whore.

2. She loves to explore and exceed her limits. This has two advantages, at first girls with these qualities never get boring. You can try out the weirdest and craziest things and she will have enough ideas her own that she wants to do with you. Secondly she will grow, together with you. Like you know, the magic happens beyond the comfort-zone, so if you exceed your boundaries, you will most likely experience new things and get to know yourself better.

3. You will have the most amazing sex ever. Firstly because she has more than enough experience, secondly because of 2. she will show you a lot of new things, thirdly she is very confident with her body, otherwise she wouldn’t make films where everyone can see her naked, this means she will be comfortable wearing the sexiest lingerie and filming your own home movie. lastly she is very passionate about sex and can let go, no trying to be a good girl, she will be the dirty slut you always dreamed of.

4. She’s a beauty and has this incredible sexy aura, even when she is dressed totally innocent sitting in a boring room, she has this naughty expression that you just have to think about sex. I’ve never seen another girl being so confident and submissive at the same time.

5. She is creative, loves art and is intelligent. You can have much deeper conversations and a variety of topics with these girls. If you want a relationship that goes further than just sex, this is a very important aspect. If you introduce her to your friends you don’t want to worry that her lack of intelligence will be embarrassing, you want to feel proud of her about more than just her looks. Read also: 21 Signs that she is Girlfriend Material

To Sum it up Her intelligence, her shameless attitude, her open sexuality, her charm, her naughty expression and her confidence are just a few of her wonderful traits. Sasha Grey is a bomb and deserves to be in our dream girls section.

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