How to pick up Women at the Grocery Store

In the movie “Life as We Know It” is one scene, which is a perfect example how to pick up women at the grocery store, which I’m going to show you below.

A few words about the movie: Holly (Katherine Heigl) is living together with Eric (Josh Duhamel) because their best friends died in an accident and they promised to raise their baby if anything happened to them. At first Eric and Holly don’t like each other at all, that’s why Holly is dating a doctor and Eric brings home a lot of different woman every week. As they start to get along better, Holly, Eric and the baby went together to the grocery store. Suddenly Holly noticed how all the woman start to smile and give Eric this sweet look. She realizes that he uses the baby to get their attention and wants to know exactly how he managed to pick up the woman from there on. Holly insists to get a live performance how we would approach her, if she were a random grocery store chick.

You should also put this movie on your watchlist. Here is the official trailer:

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