How to Seduce High-Quality Women

I have already told you, why it’s important that you find yourself a good girlfriend and qualities that a girl should have in order to become girlfriend material. It’s not only crucial, if you want to have a good relationship, it also makes much more fun to seduce high-quality women.

In the following scene from The Vampire Diaries (S3 – E16), Damon get’s taught a lesson how to tell if a woman has high quality. He was visiting a box-fight when Sage interrupts his search after a potential girl to drink her blood. She explains him that it’s much more exciting and satisfying to seduce a quality woman than to just manipulate a random one. The attention seeking cheap woman are easy, but it’s much more interesting to have a challenge, like a high-quality woman who is buttoned up and scared by the brutal fight. They have a hard shell but once you successfully seduced her she will beg for your passion.