35 Foods that increase Testosterone

The sex hormone, testosterone plays a crucial role in a man’s body. It regulates your sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, the production of red blood cells and sperm. As men age, their testosterone drops slowly and that can lead to several implications. Studies have shown that one in four men over the age of 30 suffers from low testosterone.

Fortunately, testosterone levels can be boosted by the right lifestyle habits. Deciding what foods to ingest is one way you can increase your testosterone level. It’s perhaps the easiest, most cost-effective avenue of elevating your testosterone. Here’s a list of 35 foods that you can choose from particularly known for boosting testosterone.

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1. Banana – This fruit is like a double dose of testosterone boost as it is high in vitamin B6 and potassium, contains a special enzyme called bromelain that can boost both your libido and testosterone. You can have it as a quick snack or mix in your morning smoothie.

2. Pineapple – This tropical fruit contains magnesium which is known to aid in the natural production of testosterone. Zinc is also found in pineapple which heightens testosterone levels. You can have it chilled or combine diced pineapple with chopped shrimp and grated ginger.

3. Grapes
– The skin of grapes contains antioxidant that promotes testosterone so feel free to enjoy by the handful.

4. Apples – An apple a day will aid your testosterone today as this luscious fruit is packed with Vitamin. A, C and even protein which all boost testosterone. You can include apples in your salad or in smoothie.

5. Papaya – A tropical, tasty fruit that can be juiced, eaten raw or compliment a dish. The high levels of Vitamin C found in this delicious fruit increases testosterone production; also helps your muscles grow and heal.

6. Pomegranates – Need to improve erectile and boost testosterone? Then this fruit is a must have as studies have shown it to do just that. Pomegranate juice can be also used as quick energy boosts.

7. Berries – Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, whatever your pick; Berries moderate and promote testosterone levels and provides several other great health benefits.

8. Kiwis – Provide similar benefits to Papaya, also provides vitamin B6, which is known to play a significant role in testosterone production. Don’t forget the refreshing taste.

9. Oranges – Juice it or peel it and eat the pegs, the OJ is known as high in Vitamin C which actually helps lower cortisol levels, which is essential in increasing testosterone. Vitamin C is a fighter – it will attack another enzyme known for turning your precious testosterone into undesirable estrogen. OJ with breakfast tomorrow, right?

10. Avocados – This fruit can be on the side on any plate or eaten raw. Loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, many of which are significant for healthy testosterone production.

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11. Beans –Canned or Dry, beans contain more zinc than the majority of vegetables and it is an awesome booster for testosterone.

12. Eggs – Considered the “perfect protein”, eggs are packed with vital ingredients for producing testosterone such as saturated fat, omega-3s, vitamin D, cholesterol and protein.

13. Fish – High on protein and low on fat, fish is ideal for lunch or dinner. Most high-protein fish such as Salmon and Tuna are high in healthy Omega-3 fats which aids in your body using protein more effectively and increase your overall strength.

14. Cottage Cheese – You can make a cheesy meal to go. A piece a day keeps low testosterone at bay.

15. Oysters – These contain a large amount of zinc which you can see is essential for testosterone production. Prepare these however you wish except fried.

16. Raw Nuts – A handful a day of Almonds, Walnuts or Pecan will aid in producing testosterone.

17. Organic Raw Milk – Research has shown that organic, raw milk is very beneficial as it hasn’t been pasteurized. Got milk? If not, go get some to enhance your testosterone.

18. Raw Seeds – Pumpkin, Sunflower and Sesame – These seeds are high on impact as it relates to increasing testosterone as these seeds all contain fantastic levels of unsaturated fat.

19. Coconut – Coconut is known to contain a protein of the highest biological value, great source of saturated fat, which plays a role in testosterone production. Coconut is also known to aid with many ailments. It can be eaten raw or just sip on one under a nice Palm tree.

20. Wheat Bran – An exellent source of magnesium known for hiking up testosterone levels.

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21. Celery – Research shows that celery aids bodies in producing and releasing testosterone when eaten. So grab a stick and munch away.

22. Parsley – This is great for the two balls you own as it contains apigening that essentially helps in creating testosterone.

23. Onions– Boosting testosterone is one of the many health benefits this ball of goodness offers. Great to season your dishes or juice.

24. Garlic – Funky breath aside, garlic actually inhibits cortisol, which is known to work against testosterone amongst several other super effective benefits. Dare to eat it raw…or not.

25. Spinach – Remember Popeye? Spinach is a great source of magnesium and we already know what that does so feel free to follow the sailor man.

26. Broccoli – Rich in indoles, anti-cancer compounds that boost testosterone production as it flushes the system of excess estrogen.

27. Cabbage – Cabbage also removes the unwanted estrogen and in return testosterone is boosted, enjoy it boiled, steamed or stirred fried

28. Cauliflower – Another estrogen removing vegetable; it also increases your overall level of testosterone, absolutely scrumptious when boiled.

29. Beets – Helps to increase production of testosterone via methylation

30. Turnips – Provides solid defence against estrogen.

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31. Yogurt – Recent Rodent study on L. Reuterii and C. Scindensis that can be found in yogurt was found to increase testosterone levels, luteinizing hormone levels, testicular size & weight, prevent age related testicular shrinkage and improve semen parameter. Plus, yogurt just tastes good.

32. Ginger – Life is better with ginger. A study showed a 17% increase in testosterone levels after ginger supplementation.

33. Ginseng – Is known for improving sperm quality and stimulating libido. Fancy a cup of Ginseng Tea?

34. Dark chocolate – This smooth, tasty bar contains many vitamins that are useful for testosterone production such as: magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

35. Grass-fed butter – Highest quality source of butter and contains vitamins necessary for testosterone production.

So there you have it, 35 Foods to choose from to incorporate in your diet. Kindly remember to strike an ideal balance between proteins, carbs and fats. With a balanced diet of the right foods, you can naturally boost your testosterone which will impact your overall life positively.

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