How to Spice up your Sex Life – 30 Ways

Statistics show that more than 50% of people in a relationship or marriage are unfaithful (15 signs that she’s cheating), the numbers are growing especially in the generation below 30. The main reason for this is that the sex life in a relationship often becomes a boring routine. That’s why I collected 30 ways to spice up your relationship sexually:

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1 Tease each other

Well, this is one of the best ways to steer up your relationship sexually. You need to start kissing and caressing her at least for some time and surprisingly your relationship will be ignited again.

2. Be aggressive

This might look weird but telling your girl what you need in bed and how to get it, will attract her response and she will turn to you again and again.

3 Spend intimate time with her

Nothing is sexier than sharing intimate moments with your partner. You can drink wine and have a deep conversation.

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4. Get high-tech

Indeed, sometimes you feel silly showing your sexual side to her. Feel free and embrace technology by just sexting her or emailing her some of the sex-fantasy scenarios that you like.

5. Act on your moods

You might have realized that when your partner is out there, you are in the mood but by the time she comes back you are not in the mood. Try to get into the mood when she is with you, make love with her and your relationship will keep on burning forever.

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6. Share compliments

Well, you need to try this one with your wife. Before going to bed, just stand beside her and slowly undress her, let her go then tell her how beautiful her body is and surprisingly she will respond positively.

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7. Have a chocolate and red wine night

Chocolate contains serotonin and phenylethylamine chemicals which stimulates pleasure in the brain. Therefore, you need to enjoy with her a glass of wine and some chocolates and you will get effective to one another.

8. Make a bedroom rule

Although it is very hard to keep rules, creating bedrooms rules will spice up your relationship sexually. Say for example that, you are not going to use the same position more than twice in a week and this will keep both of you from having boring sexual schedule.

9. Face up to your problems

Sexual dysfunction might be the main cause of problems in your relationship. You therefore, need to seek assistance of a sex therapist and he or she will guide you on how to improve your libido.

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10. Create a game as a challenge.

You and your partner can choose to tie a bet along with a game. The bet can be that the looser gives in to all sexual favors that are asked by the partner.

11. Control your emotions and moods.

Take charge of your emotions. Be fair and sacrifice you moods for her. Make her feel owned and never let your emotions and moods surpass her happiness.

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12. Be at her mercy

You need to control her pleasure by massaging everywhere in her body and she will feel great.

13. Get and give – sneak previews

You need to preview with her what you are about to do in bed. Describe to and let her do the same and amazingly both of you will feel what will take place.

14. Get connected

Nothing is sexier than reigniting the chemistry between both of you. Remind her some of the aspects in her that made you fall in love with her, look at her eyes with appreciation and sexual spark of your relationship will be reignited.

15. Pretend you just met her

You need to start impressing her once again just like you did when you first met her. Buy her new presents and even join her in the shower and you will discover your sexiness.

16. Have a seafood feast with her

Scientific research has shown that sea foods are rich in amino acids which triggers sex hormones in the body. You therefore, need to go for a date with her and have a taste of seafood that both of you enjoy.

17. Appeal to all her senses

Well, you need to create conducive environment within your house. Ensure that there is a nice scent that will put her in good mood.

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18. Rent an “adult” video

Several helpful sex videos narrated by sex therapist are available all over. You can get one and you will learn how to effectively stimulate her. You can also just watch an erotic movie which will get you in the mood very quickly.

19. Increase your libido

Last but not the least, you need to boost your libido. There are many foods which can increase your libido and sex drive.

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20. Formulate bedroom conditions.

These conditions serve as a control factor, you can set rules such as no sleeping with clothes on and that different styles should be used interchangeably.

21. Take your time.

You and your partner should always take time to prepare yourselves both emotionally and psychologically. Simple kissing and cuddling for a few minutes will always get you into the mood.

22. Soothing music.

Romantic songs such as cool love songs will blow your moment, tune on some soft music to capture your mind from external distractions so that your mind is fully involved in the whole activity.

23. Concentration.

Concentration spices up your whole moment. Create a serene environment for your activity, clean and romantic.

24. Get the right sleeping pajamas and comfortable bedding.

Ensure that your pajamas are light and loose, you mattress should be comfy and attractive. Romantic scents and perfume from your pajamas does it all.

25. Styles.

With concise direction and different styles you avoid monotony of styles and spices up the entire relationship. Use different styles for different days.

26. A little wine and dance.

You and your partner can toast to some romantic wine and dance to some soothing music. This will set the mind properly for the activity ahead and gets the two of you into the right tune.

27. Be outright and aggressive.

Nothing is more erotic than using a little aggression, tell her what you want and how you want to take her. Surprisingly this might turn her on more that you.

28. Each day, your first date.

Surprise her every time, make her feel special and loved. Offer her comfort and kiss her gently away from her worries and concerns .This turns out to be very romantic and captivating.

29. Special lighting.

Light your bedroom with dim colored bulbs, Often light candles and enjoy their shades. This romantic setting is irresistible and out of this world.

30. Scents and Perfume.

Spray the bedroom with her best perfume. It works miracles and makes her heart skip a beat! this kills it all.

Always remember that achieving a fulfilled sex-life takes effort. Clear and concise communication is the key for achieving such a well defined sexual life. You should always make it a priority to pass on ideas and opinions to your spouse. This form of clear communication will ensure no friction and each one of the partners is at ease and satisfied.

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