First Date Mistakes – Top 10

The first date decides whether there will be a beginning of something wonderful like a relationship, or that’s the end of it. Maybe it was easy to get her on a date, but most of the time it took you a lot of time and effort to find a cute girl who seems to be a great match and spark her interest to date you. That’s why you don’t want to mess it up, and this article is going to help you.

During the first date, women try to find out the negative things about a man rather than positives. The funny thing is that men do the exact opposite. So you should be very cautious about your actions and what you talk about. There are many mistakes a man usually does during his date, these are the ten most common first date mistakes.

It’s a Date, not an Interview

Asking too many questions to the woman is certainly the biggest mistake that a man does on his first date. One thing you need to keep in mind that it’s not an interview, it’s just a date. You should ask questions on the topics which seem to be interesting to her. The questions can be related to hobbies, passion, weekend planning, ambition etc. Again, you shouldn’t ask the questions in a row. Because it will make your woman feel like she is appearing a quiz test.


A woman always dreams to have a partner who is confident about himself. Unfortunately, most men mix up between confidence and overconfidence. The former one represents a man who he truly is. And the later one indicates his arrogance. You don’t need to show the woman that you are superior. It only makes you look foolish and childish.

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Correcting the woman on silly things

Finding faults at every single thing is really is a very bad quality. It doesn’t only upset the women, but also the men. Finding faults at every little thing doesn’t make you intelligent or smart. Rather the woman will lose the interest in you. So you keep things playful and simple.

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Uncomfortable and loud spot date place

Surroundings of the dating place can influence the mood of a woman. The first date is all about the two people. A calm environment offers both of you to express yourselves in a better way. So you must have to be selective while choosing the dating spot.

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Looking at the TV or phone frequently

What a woman wants from a guy is his clear attention. Proper attention to a woman makes her feel how precious she is to you. There could be a beautiful song or an exciting football match on the TV screen, but you shouldn’t just look there ignoring your woman. Because it reflects your priority to get entertained, and you’re choosing the TV over her. You also need to avoid checking the phone frequently other than necessity.

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Being rude to your date

Most of the women want guys who are soft and polite in nature. Offering to hold the doors at the time of entering into a restaurant, pulling out the chairs is a good way to show politeness to a woman. Besides, you must show respect to the waiter who will offer you service. One thing you should keep in mind that you might not get a second chance to impress the woman of your dream.

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Talking about money

On the first date, you shouldn’t discuss money. You might or might not have lots of money. Talking about it or your new car will certainly catch the attention of money loving woman. She will fall in love with your property, not with you or your personality. If you try to show that you are penniless, it will certainly make you look pathetic. Instead, you should discuss your future like where you want to see yourself in next 5/10 years.

Awkward silent

Prepare yourself with a few interesting questions, jokes, etc. Most men get nervous when they face their dream girls. They couldn’t find a single question to ask their women. Instead, they remain silent. Remaining silent for some time certainly makes a first date a boring one.

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Sharing the opinions as facts

Most men share their opinions as facts, and they don’t even realize it. For example, if the woman wants to know about your favorite music, you shouldn’t reply like “I love metal songs, and I hate soft music.”. The answer should be like this “I love metal songs, but I would love to hear your thoughts on metal songs. And I would like to know about your favorite music and artists.”

Negative body language

A woman wants to get the full attention of the guy who is dating her. What most of the men do is checking out other people around. This type of attitude certainly shows her that you’re not comfortable with her or more interested in the things around you. The best way to show positive body language is maintaining a proper eye contact with your woman.

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