15 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

Want to tell someone special how much you love her without making it obvious? Well here are a few ways to drop hints for her, so that if she’s interested, she will respond positively.

1. Tell her something that you love about her, no matter how small or insignificant it is.

2. Introduce her to your friends and her family so that she knows how important she is in your life. She will take it quite positively and will asses herself in your eyes.

3. Take her to a surprise location and spend quality time with her to indirectly show her how special she is to you.

4. When she’s feeling upset, calm her down with your polite words or maybe hold her hand and rub it slowly to show your affection towards her.

5. Notice when she tries something new and give your honest personal opinion about it. (No matter how hard it is, try not to laugh!)

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6. Keep reminding her how worthy and deserving she is and that you are lucky to have her by your side.

7. Do little things to keep cheering her up. Like give her a flower after every two or three days or maybe give her a bar of her favorite chocolate when she’s not expecting it. Offer her your chair and let her take a big bite off your favorite dessert.

8. Be attentive while listening to her. Keep nodding at regular intervals to give her the impression that you’re carefully listening to her (even if you are not). Laugh at her jokes and smile at her stupid stories.

9. Flirt with her every time you get a chance to. Whenever you both are alone at a place say something cute or flirty to her to make her blush. You will be surprised yourself the way it will work in your favor.

10. Compliment her when you feel like you should. To avoid getting lured down in the friend zone, compliment her occasionally to show her that you are interested in her. It is the easiest way to flirt with her without appearing like you’re trying very hard.

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11.  Use the power of touch to engage her feelings towards you. The sensation of a soft touch arises the sense of sexuality in a person. Use it wisely while holding her hand or patting her at the back.

12. Make a flirty eye contact with her just that she knows that you are interested in her. Stare at her when she’s not looking and when she catches you staring at her, move your gaze away immediately as soon as she sees you. This will make her curious and she will start noticing your actions even more.

13. Say her name while talking to her. It really works. She will be thrilled at the sound of her own name from you if she is interested in you.

14. Make a good enough excuse to make her come to your place like a new movie, a sports game, a home repair project or a dinner party. This will let you spend quality time with her without any third person to interrupt.

15. Kiss her on the cheek and hug her goodbye rather than just saying it out loud. This will definitely get the trick done.

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