How to get a girl to kiss you – Videos

In this article I will help you to find out more about how to get a girl to kiss you. I think the best way to learn something is to watch examples of how other people do it. Monkey see, monkey do. In the best case these videos are not staged, but real live examples. That’s why I have collected all videos that I could find which show you a few guys who approach girls in all kind of situations. You can learn different things from each and implement it in your own game.

You can sense that this girl is already attracted from the beginning, you see that on her lightly tensed tonality and that she makes absolutely no .. to move. She says that she has nothing planned so it’s a welcomed distraction that this good looking dude approached her. All he needs to do is built some rapport and lead the conversation so that he can close the deal. She is a tourist which means she has a completely different mindset than in her everyday life. She is much more open to do crazy stuff. After the kiss she instantly wants to make a photo of him, which indicates that she is happy to tell her friends this story and for her standards he must be good looking, otherwise she wouldn’t take a photo of his face.

A cute video of Adam Lyons kissing a girl in his younger years. Their tactic was to be crazy, play funny games and just get them excited. When girls are going out, they just want to have fun so they were happy that Adam and his friends played around with them. After isolated one girl he increases kino and finally gets her to kiss him.

I loved this show called “Keys to the VIP” and this was my absolute favorite moment. Can’t tell you how often I watched this video, this guy is awesome. He starts the interaction with kissing her on the cheeks and is totally direct and honest “What would it take for you to love me?”. Her reply shows why this is so powerful “it needs balls and clearly you have them.”. She is attracted from the first second and knows what she is getting into. His neg wasn’t necessary but she took it well and knows he is just joking. Now let’s have a look at the moment he kisses her. He instantly get’s quit and looks her deeply in the eyes to create sexual tension. His facial expression is straight and confident. She get’s a little nervous and asks “How do you want to prove it to me” in a soft and shake tone. But she knows what is going to happen next and she is ready, that’s why she bites her lip and simultaneously moves close to him. This was so good that she puts her hand around his neg, which shows that she is really excited and wants it badly. This is the type of girl that love adventure, he is a one-man-show and knows how to entertain.

This guy knows how to kiss a girl in a very smooth way. He does it perfectly, confident approach, he knew exactly what he had to say to her and got her to kiss him in under a minute! Well done, this is what a player looks like. His trick is very simple but effective, try to remember it for the next night out and try it, when a bar is near.

The Dating Coach Yad from London is a very good example that you don’t have to look good in order to have success with women. His inner game is one of the best I’ve seen which helps him to create attraction through deep conversation. Girls feel very comfortable and quickly start to trust him. He acts like the kind of guy who is the best friend to all girls, but manages to stay out of the friend-zone by showing his interest early on. After building enough rapport he goes over to hold her hands to create a romantic situation before he get’s the kiss.

A little longer video (17 Minutes) of Liam McRae. A nice example on how to get a kiss during the day. He approaches a girl in a park and starts from a small talk into a conversations. What I like is that he gives valuable insights during the video so that you understand what he is doing. In my opinion it’s a well done pickup and a solid seduction. Some good points to learn from.

If you still want to see more videos on how to get a girl to kiss you, than you can watch the ones below. However I have to say they are not as great like the ones above, but I want to make this list complete. Hopefully I’ll find more valuable ones which I’m going to add. If you want to stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter. I will send it out about once a month with the latest posts and best dating tips:

This is a compilation of the dating coach Vince Kelvin kissing 100s of Girls. It won’t help you much, cause you don’t see the interaction which lead to this, but maybe it’s a motivation for some of you.

I found another example of Vince Kelvin where you can watch a little more of the conversation before the kiss. He is very experienced and one of the best player in a party environment. He is short, older than most and not the most attractive one, but he manages to create this rock-star vibe with his behavior and the crazy way he dresses. However I don’t think this pickup is well done and the girl looks a bit trashy for my taste.

Steve Jabba, a guy who loves bodybuilding as much as picking up girls shows how he can get a kiss within a few minutes. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but I have to admit to most of the comments that it feels kind of forced. He is very persistent and after a few failed attempts he finally get’s a short kiss before she leaves.


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