Vince Kelvin is born in Europe and now he lives in L.A. He is the author of “The Same Night Sex System” and he created “Integrated Game (TM)”, a very different approach from others and is the best for learning all the sexual skills. It is a mix of improvisation in a natural way with high potent structured skills to reach the highest sexual conductivity. His work with wild adventures in wisdom with women begun in the early 90s. He’s the creator of Seduction Coaching one of the best companies for seduction teaching in the community, with clients in over 32 countries. In the past, he has reached over 17000 hours of one-one-one sessions and has addressed over 2500 audiences worldwide. Vince is working in some ways that are very good and have progress. His work is practical, with simple examples that helped people to have a truly fun and complete social, sex, and love life. All of his clients love him because he changed the life of all of them and gets his reputation in a really high level.

Vince has a lifestyle that is very inspiring. He is full of energy, charisma, and dedication always, which is truly engaging and refreshing and that helps people to be more positive and free. He has lot of knowledge and experience to develop a life style and identity. Best of all, Vince genuinely care about his student’s personal growth. His ideas are very practical and innovative. He helps people with their critical thinking and improvement in all areas of their life. Vince Kelvin has been selected like the most caring teacher in the community by Global Pickup Conference, his products dating products and routines won at the Australian PUA Awards. He was the hypnotist of the year by the National Hypnotism Institute, he was the recipient of the Anthony Robbin’s “Leadership Award” and he is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.