Does Alcohol Help to Pick Up Girls?

Alcohol is well known for being a great social lubricant. I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t helped my game at all over the years, but should you use the pickup equivalent of performance enhancing drugs? Ultimately the choice is yours, but before you grab another beer, consider these factors.

The Right Amount Will Make You Brave and Pleasure Seeking
A massive problem with some men’s game is that they feel like they can’t make edgy jokes. If you have ever seen some of RSD’s (excellent) infield work, you will see guys like Tyler, Julien, and Jeffy saying some incredibly ballsy things to women they have just met. Especially from a beginner’s perspective, something as simple as a playful insult can seem frightening, something that only the superheroes from The Game could manage. Alcohol can get you over the hurdle that is anxiety, and the right amount will give you the right balance between being able to think properly and being able to say what you are thinking. Alcohol will also often drive you to pleasure seeking activities, making you go after what you want. This is another mindset that can be hard to achieve when you have just walked in the door of a nightclub on your own.

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Become Brave and Pleasure Seeking
At the risk of sounding clichéd, you don’t just wake up one day with the right attitude toward social situations; you need to practice it over time. Alcohol may make you a god among women, but you are relying on that substance for your power. At the risk of sounding very clichéd, there is nothing better than knowing that that ability comes from within you, and that you won’t need two or three beers to bring it out. Alcohol can be compared to taking steroids. You will get a great body, but there won’t be the same encouragement to get your workout technique in good shape, and if you ever lose your supply, you are in trouble. In the same way, alcohol should never be the thing that you depend on to make your game run smoothly.

Alcohol Will Cost You Money
I don’t know where you go clubbing, but in most western countries it is generally expensive to get drunk in a nightclub. From a practicality standpoint, needing to get drunk requires you to either pay a lot of money at the venue or risk getting excluded for drunkenness if you drank beforehand (anyone who has ever been to a nightclub should know that bouncers can be an obstacle). Even if you drink liquor beforehand, it will still be an extra cost each night. This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy a drink in the club, sometimes the best way to isolate a girl is to say “I really need a drink. Come to the bar with me.” or to go and get a table together. However those drinks shouldn’t be there for the purpose of you getting drunk; they are an activity that justifies you and her spending time together.


One of the best developments over the past few years in the pickup community is the increased focus on general health and wellbeing. Having your health sorted will help you think better and come across in a much more desirable (read: hygienic) manner. Excluding for this argument RSD Alex’s “being a drunken mess is attractive” approach, it is helpful to your game to have a healthy body.

EXCESSIVE consumption of alcohol can do the following things:
• Increase your risk of liver, bowel, breast, mouth, pharyngeal, esophageal, and laryngeal cancer
• Temporarily slow brain activity
• Increase risks of heart disease
• Worsen the effects of smoking
• Contribute to type 2 diabetes
• Cause you to miss important cycles of REM sleep
• Increase your need to go to the bathroom (not ideal for romantic pursuits)

Now it is important to note that these are largely the results of excessive consumption. Moderate consumption will have less severe effects, and in some cases can be quite good for you (some studies have found that moderate drinkers are less susceptible to diabetes than teetotalers). So alcohol is not a bad thing in moderation, but do you want it becoming a vital part of your game?

Where I Stand
I drink alcohol a fair amount. I am a lightweight, so I doubt that I could ever be accused of drinking to excess, but I have many a friend that drinks with the aim of destroying themselves, and that is not healthy to do regularly. I try not to drink when I will be practicing game. Being sober, in my opinion, makes you far more aware of the interaction and far more likely to act appropriately. As I said above, it is best to learn how to be an amazing ladies man without alcohol’s assistance, and if you have mastered that, then sure, drink all you want. You know your stuff.