10 Attractive Traits in a Man for Wynona

Every guy wishes to know the secrets of how to attract women. For helping men of progressing to higher levels and winning the attraction of women that they aim for, I am listing here top TEN things that I personally get attracted to in men’s personality.

1. Smiling and cool nature

Smiling definitely adds to the grace of a man. Women’s attention is also driven by a guy’s smile. They obviously would prefer attending to a guy who always wears a cool smile on face and is jolly by nature rather attending to a guy who is always in bad moods and frowning or dead expressions.

2. Purposeful approach towards life

A basic characteristic which defines men is the purpose and aim that they are determined for in life. Men adopting non-serious attitude towards life and having no definite sense of direction turn out to be highly unattractive to women. Remember, whatever your career may be, it is always your determination and belief that will attract women towards you.

3. Active Social Life

Isolated, withdrawn and introvert men have never proved to a source of attraction in women. A vibrant nature with an active social life would help in making you a center of attention for women. Hanging out and being surrounded by a number of good friends makes people feel great and happy in your company. Women do notice the behavior of other people towards you and rate you on the basis of other’s reaction towards you. If everyone else seems to be happy in your company, there are firm chances that SHE will also love to be around you.

4. Sense of humor

No matter how handsome one is, a dull and boring guy would always turn out to be a repulsive end of magnet for women. Wittiness and decent sense of humor is what attracts me most in men. It reflects that guy’s capability of enjoying every moment of life and making things easy and pleasurable.

5. Self-Confidence

I personally value men who are confident and outgoing. Nervous and shy men are always poor decision makers and women never ever get attracted to them.

6. Optimistic Attitude

A guy having an optimistic attitude towards life is likely to be capable enough of handling things and making them fine that are even beyond control. Women are innately high worriers, therefore, they prefer being with a guy who can support them in adverse circumstances with a positive attitude.

7. Nice outlook

Nice outlook should not be misunderstood that wearing expensive and branded dresses and shoes is compulsory to attract women. You definitely do not need to be world’s best dressed person. It just means that you should look nice with a decent attire and haircut.

8. Respectful attitude

Women highly value when a man shows respect for them like when a guy opens a car’s door for them or pulls out chair for them. They will value even more when a man will respect their opinions.

9. Ability to listen to women

It is an established fact by nature that women are more talkative and want others to listen about their feelings and opinions. They would be highly attracted towards men who will listen and pay attention to what they say and share with him.

10. A loud and assertive voice

I hate listening to guys speaking in low, nervous and shaky voice. You need to remember that speaking in a loud, assertive and deep voice reflects your confidence and self assurance.