10 Attractive Male Qualities for Sarah

1. Physical Appearance

It refers to the looks of individuals. Though genes is a major contributing factor to the physical appearance of individual, and one has no control over his heredity but ones lifestyle and personal adornment can enhance ones external beauty which is manifested by physical appearances. The very first thing that attracts me and perhaps many others is the personal appearance that includes:

• The average height that will attract me must be approximately 5’8”,
• The average weight, neither too much chubby nor too skinny,
• Muscular, if it suits to his type and body height.
• Neither too long nor too short shoulder length,
• Fair complexion! But it depends, some dark are so attractive.
• Black hairs, thin eyebrows, deep set eyes as deep as the ocean, narrow hooked nose,
• There are few men that look adorable with moustaches so it depends that it suits you or not. If it doesn’t goes with your face cut then please do avoid it.
• The most important one is smiling and happy face. If you have all the above mentioned God gifted qualities but you are with miserable face, it ruins all.

2. Dressing Sense

A person can do nothing if he/she is short heightened or with dark complexion, but these are not only the ground qualities for attraction. If you encompass all the above mentioned qualities but you have no sense of how to carry yourself then all is in vain. You can have the most charming partner or girlfriend if you are fashionable; have knowledge about what’s in and what’s old fashion, by wearing good clothes in which you looks younger than your age, which fits you and keeps your body in shape. Having stylish hairs, may be having spikes, fleet that suits you. Avoid too much accessories, especially I don’t like men with earrings, necklaces and too much rings in hand. It makes you wacky creature, and not like some decent, young, attractive boy.

3. Communication Skills

It is found that women are very loquacious and most of the time they have to face mocking on this as they have a hefty aptitude. So most of the men may avoid this sort of female fondness and leaning. But, it is fact that women place precedence on men who listen to them, who are more expressive and communicative than suggestive. And listen to her worries and desires attentively.

Another important thing that attracts me in a man is his tone of voice and accent as well. A masculine voice would attract me more of course than a girlish one. He must have a good sense of humor. It doesn’t mean him to be a clown or a jester that makes people laugh all the time by his hilarity but I think if he is able to make laugh an anxious woman, he gets a priority over many.

4. Honesty

Of the top ten things that I want in a man, one is also having good moral values. He should be faithful, loyal, trustworthy, gracious, dignified, sincere, truthful, and candid. He should be as straight forward as the crow flies. A woman may hate something convoluted, so man should be open, blunt, truthful, outspoken and guileless and be very frank to her. I have seen many times that boys feel proud when they count their number of girlfriends and they prevail among their friends in keeping a large number. It’s so ridiculous! They lie to every girl declaring that only she is the most important to her. We girls, have preference for those men who are honest and sincere and have no other girl friend even they don’t dare to see any other!

5. Independent

A man must have a strong financial background enough to attract a woman. He should be quiet independent, have a good pecuniary rank. Obviously, it does not mean that he should be rich enough to buy a craft ship of his own, but rich enough to make ends meet easily.

6. Sociable

To me sociable means a person who can have a chit chat with my friends, my siblings at our level and who can carry smooth conversations with my parents. Obviously, every one prefers not a mute, silent chap but a happy go lucky one, easily adjustable and sociable one.

7. Helping

All things are on one side and this virtue is on the other side. Being helpful matters a lot for me. A person who lightens your burden, share half of the work is so appealing. It doesn’t mean at all that we girls are not competent enough to carry out our task but it simply means that it’s nice to see that your partner is doing things for you. It only shows his concern for you.

8. Listening

A person who represents himself like duff and dumb, sitting idle is bizarre and ludicrous to me. I have a strong liking for a person, who is paying attention and taking note of when I am speaking. When I have a problem he must be there, who handles my violent behavior and when I am going crazy. Moreover who can switch my mood from pessimism to optimism and have a grip over my anger.

9. Expressive

A person must be expressive of what ever he feels; what ever is inside must be outside. This is the prevalent quality in men but still I want to mention here, because if you are not expressive you can never take your relation long and it will soon come to an end. A girl wants to listen about her self from him. May be she is demonstrating shyness, listening all this, but actually she wants to hear it all from you.

10. Persistent

The last but not the least is persistence. Girls have much preference for men who is persistent. When I will be assured that this man will not leave me in the mid of the journey, then definitely I have strong liking for him. This is the most desired quality and every girl wants to listen it from his partner that he will remain with him in every field of life through thick and thin.