What Anna finds attractive in a Man

 Well-established career
I am attracted by men who are rich and have well-established career. As everyone needs to have a lot of luxuries in his/her life, money is really important for attaining these luxuries. A man with well-established career can assure a happy life and can secure a woman regarding future. I would not like a loser with no job.

Past relationships
I would like my boyfriend to be honest with me about his past. And I would be most attracted by one who is honest even if his past looks a bit dirty. Because I believe that we learn from our past.

Family background
Family background is indeed important because family traditions, norms and rules have an impact on our personality. Someone said that men are more likely to stray if their fathers were unfaithful with their mothers. I am more attracted towards men with both parents compared to those having single parent, or a single parent instead of both conflicting parents.

Vera Nazarian, in the Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration said that love is made up of three unconditional properties in equal measure: acceptance, understanding and appreciation. I would love one who fully understands me from my facial expression, gestures and non-verbal talks to what I say and how I feel at different times.

Love & Romance
I will be most attracted by the one who will love me more than everything and make me feel special. Because I want to be loved and have really deep relationship with him. And I will not at all bear a shallow relationship. Love is also measured by how much one cares; it’s not about expensive gifts and dinner at a nice restaurant.

‘Honesty is the best policy’ and I always like honest people. When having someone in a relationship, I would like him to be honest with me from the very first day. For many men, it’s really hard to be honest because they want to present themselves in ways that are impressive and appealing. Their communications are full of omissions and commissions. They want to be well- thought by their wives or girlfriends. So I don’t like coward men who don’t dare to be honest.

Good looking
I am attracted towards men with dashing looks. I like men who are handsome than those who are not. But anyone would be acceptable if this lack of handsomeness is accompanied by a good character.

Strong & Smart
I will like one who is strong enough to take care of me. And for me strong does not merely means physically strong but tolerant, flexible, generous, faithful, competent etc. Smart guys attract me more than obese ones because figure does matters.

I will be attracted to someone who may not be rich, but is really hard working. Hardworking men took great care of their families. Many people believe that they will be successful if they are really consistent and hard working. Hardworking is one of the most attractive traits in men.

Social & Outgoing
I like social, extroverted, open, outgoing, talkative and entertaining guys. It will be nice if he loves to go out and be around people. Because it feels good to make new friends and attend a lot of events.

Other factors
Nationality, ethnicity, & religion of the person do matter in a relationship. I would be more attracted towards someone of my own nationality, culture, ethnicity and religion as compared to others.