Julien Blanc will lose this battle, but he will win the war

The video on the right sums up perfectly what’s going on right now with RSD and Julien Blanc. Let’s concentrate on the important parts of this whole situation because it’s easy to blame someone and go with the masses instead of making a fair judgment. I will also tell you, why this situation is the best that could ever happen to Julien.

First of all, I’m absolutely not supporting his behavior. What he did was unacceptable and very stupid. Even if most girls are attracted to dominant men and even if 90% reacted positively, it’s not okay towards the 10% to behave like this. When so many young guys are paying for your advice, they will absorb every word and it will change the way they think. His Videos on Youtube got 7 Million views, this shows how big his power is to influence others. With great power comes great responsibility, you have to be very careful what you teach.

Jennifer Li is Julien Blanc’s biggest Supporter!

julien-blanc I wrote it correctly, no one has ever done such a big favor for Julien like Jennifer Li does with her #takedownjulienblanc campaign. On the left, you see how many people are searching for Julien Blanc right now. She made him incredible famous overnight. About 100 times more people know now about RSD and Julien. This video which started the whole thing has about 1 Million views. That means more than 1 Million people are now aware of his existence and more importantly they know that he is a dating coach. I guess that most visitors are women who will hate him and close the video. But at least 10% will be men who are curious to know more about him, the search statistic is a proof of that. Guess what, he just got 100.000 new potential clients. 🙂

And that’s not all, if you’re making websites like me, you know that the most important factor for your Search Ranking are Backlinks. I laughed hard, when I saw that Jenn Li wrote an article herself about Julien Blanc being a racist and did a do_follow link to RSD and Julien’s Program PimpMyGame. This is just one example, RSD is getting such a amount of links these days, that even after the big bang right now, they will have a big permanent rise of visitors forever.

There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.

Julien and Max had to leave Australia and some seminars got canceled, but this is nothing compared to what RSD has gained through this whole situation. This is probably the best day in RSD’s entire company history. Isn’t it funny how enemies can be your best supporters?

Women love Drama, just like Julien does

Another thing that amuses me a lot is that Julien has done a mass-manipulation with his favorite weapon: drama. If you have watched more of his videos, you will notice how often he mentions that he uses drama to create attraction. There is another thing that loves drama like nobody else: the media. So Julien has created an enormous viral effect by giving the media what they need. They spread the drama to a whole world of women, who created even more drama on social media. I guess he will try his best, but he will never be able to thank you all for making him so famous overnight.

Don’t be so hard on RSD and Julien

Owen Cook and Nick Kho, the founders of RSD had only one thing in mind when creating the company: Making the world a better place. I understand that it’s hard to believe if you see videos like the one above or on the left side. But what most of you don’t know is, that there are a few hundred hours of free videos from RSD on Youtube. All of the videos are aimed to help men become a better person, to fight against their fears and improve their weaknesses. Which in return will also be a big benefit for women. I’m sure that Tyler and his Crew from RSD made me a better man and thousands of other guys. Who will be better boyfriends and husbands who know how to satisfy your desires and be someone you can be proud of.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it (Warren Buffett)

In all the media who are hating on RSD, I haven’t seen one video who shows them in a positive light. The media doesn’t want to be fair, they want to create drama and if you have such a huge collection of content, it’s easy to find something offending.

It’s easy to blame someone, cause anyone has done something wrong. You can also say that feminists are aggressive and that they are abusing men physically. Like in this vine, where a woman is beating a member of RSD. But you have to see the whole picture and decide if they are doing more harm or good.

My final advice on Julien Blanc and Picking Up Women

Extremes are never good. Julien Blanc has lost his path, driven by his success he overplayed his role and wasn’t aware of his responsibility and the consequences. You don’t have to be super nice, but be respectful and never forget the golden rule of pickup:

Always leave her better than you found her!

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  1. Why don’t you all – who support and warship those rapists, bullies and criminals- just go and play with something really toxic? Any idea what you do to your victims?

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