Pre Analyzing vs Post Analyzing Pick Up

Going out last night, really got me thinking, that you technically don’t necessary need a dating coach if you want to improve your pick up skills. I will show you how to be your own coach on this never-ending improving yourself path. Last night I went out with the intention to think from a coach point of view.

Set realistic goals

Here is how to fix that: we set up goals. I know you may be thinking, “GOALS? I never stick to any goals. I don’t have any time for that.” but the thing is, when you set a REAL goal for yourself you make it more of a must rather than a should. Same goes with any other area in life. People have always gotten a lot further in life with goals than without. Rarely does anyone ever have something just fall in their lap and if that just happens by stroke of luck it most likely will be taken away just as fast as they got it.  set yourself a goal for yourself EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you go out with an intention to picking up a female. Not too long ago, last week I signed up for a color run, Color Me Rad here in Las Vegas. It’s a 5k run at the Las Vegas speedway. And since then I decided every way I would push myself more and more so I can run that 5k at the end of October. The first time I went for a run I just decided I would run to the corner of my block, that was my goal (using Nike+ as a tracker) I ended up running a whopping .58 of a mile, which for me was pretty impressive. The next day I decided to stretch that a little further, I set the goal of getting around the corner of my block and keep going to the bus stop. So I did, .69 of a mile. After repeating this for 5 days I ended up getting to a full mile of nonstop running.  The key to goal setting is chunking down your goals into bite size goals 5k is a little more than 3 miles, if I break it down 1 mile at a time of being my goal and setting a daily goal, what are the chances of my success if I keep doing that? Apply this to dating and you will reap lots of rewards.

Pre analyzing – Don’t over think

Pre-analyzing situations, if you have a goal for the night this shouldn’t be a problem even more, the goals will distract you from over thinking when you are determined enough.  You should not at all be pre analyzing the situation before hand; you should just go in and run your opening lines, its really just that important. The only thing you should be analyzing is how many people and how not to approach from behind, and that doesn’t take much contemplating at all. When you start contemplating the approach you will get stuck in your head, this is what we in the pickup artist community call Approach Anxiety. Being too worried for rejection, how they are going to handle you, if you are getting a drink splashed in your face. The thing is, if you are caught in your head like this you are doing something wrong, and that something wrong is you not being in the present moment. Learn how to have FUN and LIVE IN THE MOMENT and not only will you get better results, get out of your head and approach but women also walk up to you, dance with you, talk to you, introduce themselves… to you. Don’t give yourself to rationalize the situation, just start walking up to them, it will make you more rebuttal in the long run, it make seem crazy but a lot of the readers (especially if you have read this far) most likely you are looking for that “magic pill” to swallow that will make you amazing with women, this is it, don’t give yourself time to come up with a reason not to talk to a girl, just start walking up and just say something, have faith in yourself. That is how you stop pre-analyzing situations.

Post Analyzing Pick Up

Post analyzing is important when it comes to learning anything, think about it. you can learn after a situation, you just need to make sure you don’t beat yourself up over it or else you won’t want to go out to start picking up anymore, start with the mindset of curiosity, don’t hang onto every girl that she is “the one” before you even really get to know her. There are billions of women on this planet, she’s not “the one” reward yourself for recognizing your mistakes and try and find a different way to go about fixing the situation next time. Like I said before, there is no need to be so hard on yourself. If something doesn’t work, change the approach until it does work. Some people I work with have been known to keep a log on what works and what doesn’t work, this one person I know makes spread sheets on everything that he does to find what works and what doesn’t work, but remember just because something doesn’t work one time doesn’t mean it won’t another, try and find out your own statistics because nothing you ever do will be 100%, it just won’t.  Nothing in life is 100%. Even masters at pick up average in the 70-80% ranges when it comes to a goal they set, and that’s using mass psychology at that! so what you need to do is the following

1.  Decide what you want

2.  Do the situation by taking action

3.  Find out if it’s working or not

4.  Change your approach until  you achieve what you want