Seducing A Lesbian Domina

I know, the title sounds like a kinky fetish porn, however yesterday I got to know one of the craziest girls so far. I guess if I would visit more metal, punk, rock type of parties I would see those kind of girls more often, but I’m more into mainstream and black music, so meeting a lesbian happens very rarely and still less a lesbian dominatrix.

Let’s get to the story: I was on vacations sleeping at the beach with some friends when they wake me up because the hot girl next to us with this sexy body just took her top off to get her breast tanned. I love boobs, but average naked boobs are not enough reason to wake me up, it was because she had perfect firm boobs, something between a C and D Cup and a stunning body.

After a bit of hesitation and checking out if she has a boyfriend, I walked up to her and sat down on her second towel. Her eyes were closed, I softly stroked her arm and she was a little bit shocked about my straight move. “Hi, I hope I’m not sitting on your boyfriends towel” she answered “No, it’s from my mom, she is still at the hotel.” – “You’re here with your mom? How old are you?” – “I’m 18.” – “Wow, you look much older.” – “I know, I hear that a lot.”

The conversation went very great, she wasn’t only looking much older, she was also acting like about 25. Very intelligent, best student in school and wants to study psychology, my favorite type of girls, it’s so easy and interesting to talk with them. Her tattoos gave me the feeling that she has a wild side and after about 10 minutes we had enough comfort so I said “let’s cool down a bit in the water” (to start with some kino). We got close, I pulled her towards me and touched her ass. She didn’t resist so I tried to kiss her, she wanted it too and was half in, but suddenly she looked to the side and said “I can’t”. – “That’s okay” – “No, I need to tell you something: I’m a lesbian.”

At first I though “Damn, that’s it, no chance here”, but giving up as soon as the first bigger obstacle appears is not how I play, especially when the vibe is so sparkling. There has to be some attraction, because she seems to like being so close to me and sometimes her cheeks got a little red, when she was flattered by some of my direct compliments. As soon as I was back on track she hit me with another obstacle: “actually I have a deep reluctance against men, I really hate men”. It got even worse when she told me how dominant she is and that she likes to beat girls in the face while having sex (they seem to like it).

Even if I had absolutely no chance and most people would say she is a freaking psycho, I would have talked with her for hours, because I love pretty crazy girls who are out of the norm.

Being dominant means she covers the male part of a lesbian relationship and is therefore less feminine so theoretically she won’t be attracted to masculine dominant man at all, because there is no polarity. However the more woman you meet, the more you’ll notice that what she says doesn’t mean much, her behavior is all that counts. Being dominant in bed doesn’t mean she is a dominant type, she actually behaved very submissive towards me and followed my lead much better than most straight girls. Her father left the family when she was younger so she grow up alone with her mother and grandmother. I guess that’s the reason she hates men, it’s more of an frustration than hate, I felt a little sad for her and this weakness made her even more loveable.

She felt my honest and deep interest in her character and life and that I don’t judge her at all, which helped her to open herself and created a very special chemistry and connection. But you know too much of a good thing can sometimes turn into a bad thing: she was suddenly scared about her own feelings as she consciously noticed that there was something between us and she never felt that before towards a guy. She knew that I was leaving the next day and if anything happens between us, she would be left alone with her emotions. However I told her that if she’s so scared about her own feelings, she will miss a lot in life and being a “wild girl” like her it’s in her nature to explore, so it’s time to get stronger and handle her emotions. She complied and we arranged a date for later. I had only 20 minutes of free time for the date, because we had to be on time to a booked party. She was already sitting dressed up at the meeting point and waiting for me. You know when you can feel the attraction so made a move again to kiss her, but she still wasn’t ready “I’m sorry it feels kind of wrong..”. Whatever, I tried my best, but had to leave to this party, just after I left she texted me “I really regret it now, I wish I kissed you.. honestly we need to meet again, I will visit you in your home-town!” this made be very proud.

I know you wished to read an end where I tell you about how we picked up another hot girl and had a threesome together which was the craziest sex I ever had… But I rather tell you the truth because I know how many storytellers are out there and it’s important to me that you also believe my field reports in future. Maybe when she visits me this could happen, I will let you know for sure!

Thank you for reading the whole story, if you read closely you might have noticed some small parts you can learn from this like not giving up even if the obstacle seems to be big, being honestly interested in the other person, not judging people and focusing on their behavior rather than what she says. But the most important part that I want to show with this is, that being gay has become kind of a trend in today’s society. Gay Parties, gay festivals, gay clubs, cafes and now even gay marriages. Don’t get me wrong, I also have gay friends and I absolutely think it’s a good thing to support people who are different than the masses, but the society should be careful that being gay doesn’t become an easy option for people who are unsatisfied with their (mostly very small) experience with the other gender. As men you should always remember when you meet a girl that tells you she is lesbian, it doesn’t mean she will never be attracted to men. I believe that all woman have some lesbian tendencies even if they won’t admit it to themselves but deep down they are attracted to man, they just haven’t met one that was able to awake those feelings and give her what she needs.

I’m also pretty sure that a lesbian woman can fall in love with a man.