Don’t let Success Make You Lazy!

Right now me and my brother notice a very similar feeling. A few weeks ago when we both became single, we had an incredible drive to go out. We tried to use every situation that was possible, sometimes I took a day off just to make party also during the week. It was a lot of fun, we made competitions who got the most numbers from the hottest girls and didn’t leave the parties till the lights went on. Unfortunately since about two weeks, this drive decreased totally. We still go out to party’s, receive a lot AI but always find excuses so that we don’t have to approach them. The excuses are so silly that we often laugh at ourselves, but we know the reason: Success.

Success is a great thing, but success leads to satisfaction and satisfaction is what holds you in your comfort-zone. He met a lot of girls, got bored of most of them, but one. She isn’t his dream-girl but there is chemistry and he likes her so he doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t start a relationship with her. I got to know a lot of new girls, met some of them, had fun, but didn’t really felt THAT’S IT.

Nothing bad about that, we are happy and have a good time. It just limits our ability to grow. Both of us don’t have enough time and drive to approach and meet new girls. We are satisfied but didn’t reach our limit. There is still a lot of space to grow and reach the Kind of success we are capable of.

The biggest growth happens when you step out of your comfort-zone!

This relates to all kind of areas, many smart people have said this before, you probably have heard it already, but it’s so important that you remind yourself of this regularly. Your body and mind is designed to reduce all kind of work to save energy. You get naturally drawn into your comfort-zone over and over again as long as you live.

You have to train self-discipline and force yourself grow!

Since the last weeks I notice more and more that if you don’t have a lack in an area your drive decreases totally. You feel satisfied in your comfort-zone and become lazy. So force yourself continuously to do something for your growth. I know it’s not that easy, especially if you don’t need it but remember yourself what’s your goal and what you want to archive in life. It’s all about self-discipline.

One hour ago I watched a Video from a famous bodybuilder what to do if your Goal is to cut fat but you have that strong urge to eat something sweet. His answer: Just don’t eat it. It’s that simple, if you want to be a real man, you sometimes have to do what’s logically right and not what your emotions are leading you to. So next time you see a Girl that you are really attracted to, don’t be a pussy, remember your goal.