How Many Woman Have You Loved?

In a relationship sooner or later your girlfriend will ask this question for sure. Even if curiosity is the only reason she asked, both of you know how this will end if you are honest. If she is your first that’s great, but in most cases you had some relationships before. Woman want to feel special, she wants to be the only one you ever loved, of course she knows that’s unrealistic that’s why she wants to hear how many other woman you have loved before her. You can lie to her, but eventually she will find out. So you need to tell her the truth, but be careful she will remember your answer forever and it’s very easy to mess it up here. Let’s get into her mind again, if she can’t be the only one you have loved, than there are still two other places in your heart that would make her special:

1. Being the one you loved the most
2. Being the last one (together forever)

Be sure to include these two smoothly into your answer, the best way would be with a reasonable explanation so that she truly believes you. Trust me, if you manage to give her a great answer here, this will make her melt.

The video below is an example how the perfect response would look like, see it as inspiration: