Butt or Boobs Guy? – Tonight I found out which one I am

In the previous article I wrote about How I Seduced Miss Right Now and mentioned two special butts, remember? If you don’t remember or didn’t read it, I will explain in more detail because that was too much of a coincidence that it has to be fate. First Butt: This happened in a night club, … Read more

How I Met Her – Miss Right Now

Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphin are running trough my blood the last days, the reason is that I’m enamored. It’s incredible how these hormones even boost your game, later more about that. It’s winter, it’s cold, rainy, dark and I lost the motivation to go out regularly. I prefer to be at home, chill on the … Read more

Don’t let Success Make You Lazy!

Right now me and my brother notice a very similar feeling. A few weeks ago when we both became single, we had an incredible drive to go out. We tried to use every situation that was possible, sometimes I took a day off just to make party also during the week. It was a lot … Read more

Push it to the Limit!

There was this hot blonde girl with incredible blue eyes. We had a date thursday evening after my work, I was tired and had a feeling she would flake. Two hours before the date she wrote me “Sorry, I can’t see you today, there is so much stuff to do because I’m moving to another … Read more

It’s My 26th Birthday – My Present To Myself

My Teenage Years are over, I’m in the last years of my youth and life is getting more and more serious. The worst part: I can’t become a Selfmade-Youngster-Millionaire because as far as I know that only counts to the age of 25. However I still have the bet with my father that if I … Read more