Push it to the Limit!

There was this hot blonde girl with incredible blue eyes. We had a date thursday evening after my work, I was tired and had a feeling she would flake. Two hours before the date she wrote me “Sorry, I can’t see you today, there is so much stuff to do because I’m moving to another city. Maybe we meet up next week?”

1. I was just before writing “alright, no problem” because I hate to drive more than 10 min to a date and she was about 30-40min away and had no car.
2. But I promised to myself to invest more in becoming better so I wrote a message that made her curious. I said “I’ll tell you the answer next week, when I see you”.

“Now I’m really curious, if you still want to see me today, you can come :)”

Perfect example how girls are guided by emotions, when she says she has no time, it mostly means, she doesn’t want to use her time FOR YOU.

Alright, I drove there and her eyes were even more beautiful than in my memory. They are so deep blue, when she looks at you, you feel like there is some power shooting out and they would shine in the dark. However the chemistry was very good, that’s why she told me “Just to make sure, I will not have sex with you” after about half an hour.

We chilled and smoked nargile, I knew I could kiss her but I let her wait until we reached my car. We sit inside because she had to wait 10min for her train and it was very cold. I started kissing her and she was getting very horny. Than I sucked her breasts, but she screamed “I have my period” I stopped, looked at her “No problem for me” and continued. She screamed again “I will miss my train” I stopped and tough for a second, because I had two options:

1. Letting her leave and driving home so that I could be in bed only 2 hours later than normally.
2. Fucking her, driving her home and being about 4 hours later in bed.

I need to get up really early the next day and wanted to be fit for a party but gladly I choose number 2.

We drove to a quite parking space and I had one of the best sex ever. The next day she texted me:

I’m so horny, need to get fucked again
Glad to hear that, but I’m out of town and you wanted to come on monday
Yeah but I can’t wait so long…

On sunday she texted me:

Can’t come tomorrow, I’m moving out today and I’m in a relationship now.

This is the key-point of the article, if I didn’t choose option 2 every time and pushed it to the limit on thursday, even if I had enough excuses:

– she flaked
– she is 40min away
– I can also see her next week
– she doesn’t want sex
– she needs to get her train
– she has her period
– we don’t have a lay-location
– she needs to get her train
– I will be fucking tired tomorrow at work and for the party

I wouldn’t have fucked her!

Every situation that I pushed and every excuse that I ignored brought me further AND I could have fucked her again on friday, saturday, sunday … and I’m sure she wouldn’t have entered this relationship. I’m sorry for her and for the guy, because she told me she just feels lonely, she needs someone who loves her and who is there for her, even if she is not that much attracted to him. I told her in the first hour that I’m not the guy for a relationship and that I have a few other woman, but she still was attracted so she fucked me, even if she was nearly in a relationship with him. I’m also sure if I push it even further she will cheat on him, but that’s not my style. I got what I wanted and I’m sure when she got bored of him, she will come to me again.

Conclusion:  Always push it, it might be your last chance!