When does a Relationship start? (Surprise!)

Go to any dating site and search for this thread. You’ll find dozens of posts asking this same question over & over, albeit with their own individualized scenarios. The list of answers when a relationship starts includes:

1. After the first kiss (the exchange of saliva probably seals the deal)
2. When both the partners agree (do you want a relationship? Oh my God! So do I!)
3. When the guy/girl confesses his undying love (without the recipient feeling nauseated)
4. After the first date (yippee, that means I’ve been in scores of relationships) etc., etc., etc. …

Go to a PUA site & try mentioning the terms ‘love’ & ‘relationship’ and you get a bunch of sympathetic replies asking you to mend your AFC ways. So what is the correct answer? When does a relationship actually begin? The answer, my friends, is elementary.

The Relationship Begins Before You Meet Her

Yup, that’s right. The relationship starts as soon as you have allotted a certain value to the female in your own mind. Every relationship is a delicate balance of power between the two partners. It is like a precariously balanced seesaw, with both the partners sitting at opposite ends. Even before you approach her, if you have already given her high value based on her looks, then she is the one with more power. She controls the seesaw, and that is one seesaw you don’t want to be on unless you enjoy the sound of your ass smacking the pavement. The moment you classify her as an HB10, your brain has automatically placed her on a pedestal. She is now a superior being, and by that virtue, you have automatically made yourself inferior.

Never value a woman based on her looks alone. A beautiful bitch is still a bitch. Now you can see why neediness is the biggest attraction killer of all time. By acting desperate, you shift the balance so drastically to her side that the see-saw can’t remain stable & must crash.

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One of the sexiest things you can do with a woman is LEAD her. LEAD with your actions. Don’t ask her if she would like to eat Chinese. Tell her you’re going to get Chinese food, if she has a problem with that, she’ll speak up herself. Women hate being put on the spot to make tiny decisions. Make the decisions and you’re straight away in the dominant man’s shoes.

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Remember this whenever you approach a woman, EVEN IF SHE’S A 10, I’M AN 11 You are playing the field, you have multiple options. You laugh at rejection & you have the freedom to choose. Take what you want. The seesaw is yours to control.

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