Why you don’t want a 10 as Girlfriend

I going to show you, how society is giving us a false perception of a quality woman. It’s important know the truth before you ruin your live, cause you chased something that isn’t worth the price that you will pay later on.

My first true love – sounds like a Jackpot

She was incredible beautiful, when I saw her the first time it really shocked me, because I’ve never talked to such a stunner before. She was all I ever wished for and I was shaking under adrenaline the whole date. Besides that, she had this aura, that everyone turns his head when she walked down the streets. It didn’t bother me that I was absolutely invisible besides her, not even other girls looked at me, because they were to busy adoring or trying to kill her with their hateful expression of envy. But that wasn’t all, she was the only girl that I dated, who was both, more intelligent and smarter than me (it’s not the same). She was the popular girl at school and had a lot in common with the one from Clueless. Her family had a high reputation, her dad owns a luxury hotel, a horse-ranch and a big company. She earns a lot of money through her modeling career, get’s to know a lot of places and people. She is studying fashion management to creating a second pillar for the time when she is to old to model.

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Why could I be so dump and break up with her?

I admit that she was an absolute jackpot, at least in the first few months. We had such a great time and I could even imagine marrying her one day. After about 6 months I asked her to be my girlfriend, because I had no interest in any other girls. She was young and I was her first boyfriend so she had nothing to compare me with. Many months later she started to compare me with her friends boyfriends, who were total beta nice guys. She began thinking about how a girl should be treated in a relationship and especially a girl like her. There was no doubt that she was aware of her society’s value. This was the start of the end.

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Her idea of what she deserves

Women are very self reflective and every woman has her own perception of what she is worth and what she deserves. This perception is vastly created in her childhood, kids realize when they get more attention, because they look more adorable than other kids. Her adolescence is also important, in these years she realizes her female power, how it can influence the male gender and how many compliments and attention she gets in comparison to the other girls. Societies Perception of a high quality women is the last factor. Everyone knows what’s attractive for most men, it’s written in every stupid magazine and get’s burned into our heads. These are the most common ones:

Beauty / Intelligence / Education / Career / Popularity / Assertiveness / Ambitious

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Why Societies Jackpot won’t make you happy

I write “Societies” because the media is trying to make us believe that these woman are a Jackpot, my perception of a female jackpot is a bit different. So if you are dating a woman, who has the full package (value) I can guarantee you one thing: she is going to expect the full package (+ price) from you! These girls are used to get whatever they want. You can create attraction by being different than the rest and not giving her everything, but in a long term relationship she will eventually think that she deserves more than this. It’s not only about being more successful, making more money, being better educated, more intelligent, ambitious and taking good care of your appearance. The biggest price you are going to pay is the money and effort to give her the lifestyle she is expecting. She will be more demanding and less thankful for the things that you do for her, because she has higher standards. People that are very intelligent and educated, are reflective and often think too much about their life and what they want to archive. If she is also very good looking, she will have this mindset of having a higher purpose in life, she wants the best of everything. It will start with small things like the restaurants you are taking her to, the car you drive, the hotels that you are staying in and later it will be the designer buggy, the kitchen, the nanny and the house. The worst part is that she won’t appreciate it, because it’s what a man should do for her, it’s “normal” in her world. And even if you manage to handle her right now, do you really think she is going to stick with you, when something happens, which makes you loose your upper hand?

Right now, when I look on the Facebook-Wall of my ex, I see how men are moving heaven and earth to make her happy. I’m so glad that I was dating her in her youth and quit when this all started, because it’s a struggle to make such a woman happy and it’s nearly impossible to stay happy yourself.

Should I stop dating these woman?

No, you can date her, you can still have a lot of fun and interesting conversations with her, but forget the idea of having her as a long term partner.

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