It’s My 26th Birthday – My Present To Myself

My Teenage Years are over, I’m in the last years of my youth and life is getting more and more serious. The worst part: I can’t become a Selfmade-Youngster-Millionaire because as far as I know that only counts to the age of 25. However I still have the bet with my father that if I don’t make my first Millionen until I’m 28, I have to pay him 10.000€. It’s a motivation for myself to do always push myself and be successful.

I was always late, in every aspect of life.

When I was about 6 years and had the responsibility to go to school with my friend, I was always about 5-10min late and we had to hurry up to be there on time. One day I was about 15min to late and his parents told me he was gone already… BAM! I can still feel how that hurt, in tears I ran to school, I felt so bad and was angry about me, his parents and him but it was a good lesson. One of thousand lessons, but I never learned it. My ex girlfriends tried every female manipulation, I had so much drama because they felt like I would respect them enough to come on time. One gave me a keychain with the words “Hurry up, Baby”. It all didn’t help, I’m still late on dates 🙂


I was very shy and even when some girls showed me their interest, I couldn’t do anything. Girls where something I didn’t focus on until I was about 19. My first website was like a personal Blog which had a section called “Harem”, I always had a eye for beauty and as I noticed there wasn’t enough space in the Harem-Section, I created a site about Models. It was a collection of a the most beautiful girls I knew, my favorite model became an own fan site, I put so much effort and passion in that…
However back to the topic, I loved girls but didn’t made any move until about the age of 19. Damn I was so bad, I remember writing a girl “I love you” as first text message after her friend gave me her number. Like I said, I was late and had to catch up what others did in the last 5 years, but I learned quickly.

After 2 years I was more successful than any other dude that I knew from school. I have still a lot to learn, but even tho I was late, I managed to outrun all the others and for me it’s more important to be one of the best, than to be one of the first.


Since the first class I did judo, a martial art that I truly loved. I was very good at it and my wall was full of deeds, it helped me to feel strong and fit, but when I turned about 12 my best friend quit and without him I lost interest too. From the age of 16 to 20 tried nearly every sport activity you can imagine but nothing could keep my interest more than a few weeks until a few months ago I discovered BodyBuilding. I don’t know why I didn’t see that before but this is the right thing for me, I love it, the whole lifestyle. I love to discover my body, to feel my limits, to try out new techniques, to eat healthy it feels like it’s making a better human out of you.

I should have started it with 16 when my testosterone and growth hormone were at the top, but I was late again. However it’s never too late and my goal is as always, become one of the best.


I created my first website with 16, with 18 I noticed I could make money from it. That was the moment I couldn’t imagine another job (besides model-scout) that I would love more than this. Since about 5 years I’m making websites for a big company and I can’t say anything bad about my job, I like it very much. But, for me creating websites is art. Art needs creativity and freedom but when someone gives you restrictions it’s not free anymore. So to follow my passion I need to create websites, the way I love them and that’s only possible if I do my own.

Since 2 years I’m doing my own sites now and it’s going really well. I wish I would have started earlier and followed my dream, but it’s not too late.

My Present to Myself:

In short: Becoming the best version of myself.

This year will be the most productive and successful year. I learned a lot and still need to learn so much more, but more importantly I need to create! Instead of being a Consumer, I want to be a Producer! I have discovered most of my weaknesses, it’s time to improve them, so these are my goals for my 26th year:

Main Goals:

– less consuming, more producing (1:2)
– work and train hard (5 days), play hard (2 days)
– eating healthy

Exact Goals:

– Arms: 45cm
– Weight: 100kg
– Bodyfat ~ 12%

– Being totally independent
– Solid closing HB 9’s


– Waking up at 5
– Training until 5:45
– Shower and getting ready until 6:15
– Writing one article until 6:45
– Fasting until 12