How I Met Her – Miss Right Now

Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphin are running trough my blood the last days, the reason is that I’m enamored. It’s incredible how these hormones even boost your game, later more about that.

It’s winter, it’s cold, rainy, dark and I lost the motivation to go out regularly. I prefer to be at home, chill on the sofa, listen to some music or just watch movies with some friends. I’m happy, I have a few FB’s, a few good looking Orbiter, I’m healthy and my friends are great but something is missing…

Since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend for good, I dated really a lot of quality girls. I had fun, the sex was great, some of them became even friends but I couldn’t cuddle with them. You might laugh, but for me cuddling is more intimate than kissing or having sex. It’s not something I can control, it’s just a feeling, like a barrier, I can’t do it because it feels wrong to me. I guess I need to have specific emotions for that, which was probably the reason I hooked up with my ex again two weeks ago.

Back to Miss Right and how I met her – Fieldreport

It was Friday Night, after the club we mostly grab something to eat so we went to BurgerKing. While I was sitting there eating my chicken wings, three lovely ladies entered. One of them blew me away, the first thing I noticed was her thick dark hair with curls like victoria’s secret models. It was so long that it nearly touched her ass… damn her ass was so fine, it will play an important role later. I still don’t know what she did there but I didn’t saw her eating something I just saw her leaving again. My heart pumped before she reached the door, she looked me in the eyes for few seconds so I knew it was on. She was this kind of girl were you can’t believe your luck and even if she clearly showed interest, you doubt it. However my friends were done, I grabbed my last chicken wing and walked right after her. Running would be nerdy, because she is this kind of a bad bitch, luckily she was waiting in front of a red light so I stopped next to her, shoulder to shoulder and said “I bet your Brazilian” she slightly moved her head but was too cool to look me in the eyes and said “No, I’m not”. The light turned green and we crossed the street, she was too hot to give up so I managed to start a short conversation until we reached her hotel a few steps later. She didn’t want to give me her number, I should give her mine.

I try to have the mindset of no expectations so even as I knew that she will never call me, I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home. As we (my brother and me) were brushing out teethes my phone suddenly rang, it was her. Honestly, I was absolutely sure that she won’t call me, our conversation was about 2 minutes, no kino, no laughing, we just talked about some facts. I’m sure no matter how good you are in the game when you meet a girl that you are attracted to much more than most others you will be excited. I was so excited that I couldn’t breath probably so I lay down in my bed and tried to relax. We arranged a date for the next day.

I’m sorry seems like this is going to be longer than expected, I will try to focus only on the important things now. I spend the next morning trying to find some really cool date ideas but like always time was running too fast and I promised my brother to eat with him, so I postponed the date for one hour later. The dinner took longer than I tough and I didn’t want to leave my brother alone at the restaurant so I called her that I will be half an hour late. She was from another town so I risked the only chance I have with my dream girl but always keep in mind: bro’s for hoe’s, no matter how hot she is. This is a very attractive quality for girls, especially for the ones who are used to get whatever they want. When we met she was a bit pissed and aloof, we went to Starbucks and half an hour later everything was fine again.

You know, there is a difference between a 10 in hotness and a 10 in hardness. Her face is about a 8 and she has this incredible ass which makes her a 9 for me. She is one of the girls who gets approached constantly, the good thing is that she doesn’t play any games, because she doesn’t need to, but she acted as if I should entertain and qualify myself to her. Gladly I didn’t do that so the first hour was kind of boring until she noticed that both of us should care equally about having a good time together. This attitude seemed to impress her pretty much and the attraction grew more and more. However she gave me just the minimum of certainty to kiss her without getting rejected, so I did it and it was great, I love big soft lips.

We chilled a bit and again she got this attitude of “do something, I’m bored” but I guess it’s just a kind of shit-test, I didn’t care. She called her friend who joined us on the way back to her hotel, half an hour before planned, so technically you can say she ended the date earlier than expected. However her lasts word were “We are going to club xy, you and your brother can join us if you want” but I knew this would set the frame of me chasing her so I said, I don’t like the club, I’m going somewhere else but maybe we meet after that so I can tell you goodbye.

My non-neediness and outcome independent seemed to work, because me and my bro were getting ready for another party when she called and asked if I would be sure that I don’t want to come, because she would like to see me. I agreed to go with them, but if I don’t like it, I will move to the other party which was just over the street. She wanted me to pick them up on their hotel but I know that girls are always late and I don’t want to wait in the lobby for them to finish so I said I’m chilling near the club, call me when you in front of it, we will enter together.

You might ask why I mention so many little details, it’s because by looking closely you will see these little games about who cares more and who is chasing who. Woman don’t do them intentional, it’s absolutely unconscious, it’s like saying “Ohh I want these shoes.” So it’s your decision if you go in the shop and buy her these shoes, it might make her happy for a few minutes but she will notice that you are doing everything to impress her, which will kill her attraction towards you. This was an extreme example, be careful with these little favors, sometimes it’s okay, sometimes not you will get a feeling after time.

In the club she was a little cold and distanced, I lost some attraction by…

following her although I said I don’t like the club. I flirted with some other chicks and told her that we are leaving, she didn’t expect that. This was the best decision ever! Reminds me of the quote “If you give up your freedom for security, you will lose both in the end”. I could have stayed (secure) with her, which would have killed my attraction even more, because I didn’t like the club. So I risked loosing her by leaving (freedom).

Every time I notice that I did a good move in the game, it pushes my state. The other party was much better, my game was tight and I got to know two hot girls. One of them was an incredible dancer, honestly even strippers can’t move their bodies this sexy. It has been years since I got an erection from just dancing and like you can imagine I totally forgot about Miss Right Now. As I checked my phone I saw that she called me several times and texted me. She was back in the hotel, waiting for me to pick her up, but I had so much fun that I didn’t want to leave immediately. I let her wait about half an hour (her friends were already sleeping) which drove her totally crazy and when I picked her up she was nearly exploding. First we drove my brother home so we had the car for us alone, we kissed passionately, made love two times until she was so tired that she felt asleep in my arms.