Why Women Break Up – 50 Reasons

An important part of getting over someone is to learn from your mistakes. Take a look at these 50 most common reasons why women break up. Consider them as Dos and Don’ts in your (next) relationship.

If 50 Reasons are too many for you, try to focus on the 10 most common reasons for a breakup.

Forgetting her wishes
If you usually forget the tasks she tells you to do; you are actually getting ready to be dumped!

Not taking care of yourself
A well-groomed man is always a turn on. Girls like guys who take care of their attire

Being bad in bed
There’s one place where you have the chance to wash away all her tension of the day and make her comfortable and that’s the bedroom. If you are not good in bed, you are in big trouble.

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Bad Communication
Many women decide to breakup in the first meeting when they feel the conversation is not going well and that is because of your bad communication. So, work on your communication skills guys.

Always putting your friends first
When your friends are more important to you and you are spending most of the free time with them and not with your girl, you are ringing the alarm bell to the relationship yourself.

Not Listening
Don’t just throw your ideas at her. Listen what she has to say. Not listening and all talking is a sign of disrespect.

Being too moody
Don’t be romantic today, arrogant tomorrow, caring the other day then again romantic just because it’s your mood. Being moody is too amateur.

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Hiding Something
Don’t hide anything from your girl unless you are a CIA secret agent. Girls usually suspect a wrongdoing when men hide something from them. It’s not what men in a healthy relationship do.

Pushing her to commit
Don’t push her for the commitment. Give her time to think. If you force her, she is eventually going to think negative about you and leave even before the relationship starts.

Being broke
For most women money plays a role. Get a good job, a decent lifestyle before you get into a relationship and get dumped because you don’t have enough to survive.

Not looking her in the eyes
While talking to your girl, maintain the eye contact. Don’t just stare in her eyes. But, show that you are interested in what she’s saying.

Treating her like a child
Even if she’s some years younger than you, don’t treat her like a little girl who doesn’t know or can’t do anything by herself. In a funny way this can be flirty and some girls with daddy issues are attracted to men who replace the father figure, but don’t do it if you want to have a healthy relationship.

Being a keyboard boyfriend
Some guys don’t utter a word in the face to face conversation but text a lot on the phone. Don’t be a keyboard boyfriend. Have a verbal chat more than text.

Not showing interest in the conversation
While in Conversation, girls hate guys who don’t ask questions and shows they are not following up her stories.

Women like ambitious men, but spending all the time at work and not with her is actually a turn-off. Life is not meant just to pay bills. Don’t spend the time, but actually, live the life with her.

Treating her different in front of your friends
Guys usually become very casual in front of their friends, act differently and treat their girl differently. Guys, you have to maintain the decorum of your relationship in front of your friends too. Girls hate when guys treat them differently in front of their friends.

Not helping in the household
Don’t leave the entire burden to your girl. Share some household responsibilities.

Bad smell
Bad body odor is the red signal for the next meeting or any meeting!

Bad breath
Bad breath is equally credited as bad body odor

It is a dead end when she finds out that you are lying to her or lied in the past. There’s no way out. If she was already double-minded about the relation, then by lying you just gave her the reason to break-up.

Criticizing her too often
Don’t criticize her in all her decisions. Try to look from her perspective.

Not appreciating her funny side
If she tells a joke, and it’s good, laugh it off or get ready to face her ignorance.

Always being late
Girls hate the guys who come late on a date, it feels like you don’t appreciate them enough to be on time.

Not apologizing
Asking for an apology will only do the good for you in the relationship. So, don’t be a guy who is not sorry for anything.

Controlling her
Don’t even try to control her. Give her space she needs. Let her enjoy the independence she needs.

Once caught cheating on her, it’s over! So, don’t cheat

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Being boring
Women break up because the relationship lost its charm and all that is left is boring for her.

Expecting things you don’t do yourself
Don’t tell her to compromise and sacrifice for the relationship. Do your part too

Not laughing together
A little fun and humor is always appreciated by the girls.

Not respecting her friends and family
Respect your girl’s family and friends. You’ll get plus points for that.

Being an addict
Don’t be a drug addict or an alcoholic. These lead to domestic violence and eventually a break up. What’s worse? You might end up in prison.

Not satisfying her emotionally
Emotional intimacy is as important as physical intimacy. If she is not satisfied emotionally, she will find her way out of the relationship.

Not supporting her
Support her ideas and plans. She might have something useful and interesting.

Giving her the feeling of being worthless
Guys who make their girl feel less worthy don’t deserve to have any girl!

Dissing her
Don’t count her mistakes and tell her she can’t do anything right.

Comparing her
Never ever compare your girl with other girl.

Limiting her
Never let your girl feel that she lost her independence at the cost of being in a relationship with you.

Not being interested in her life
Ask her about her day, how she’s been, what’s going on etc. be someone with whom she can share everything

Financially depending on her  
Start earning and don’t get dependent on girl’s finances.

Fighting too often
If there’s fighting more than loving in your relationship she might say “it’s over” anytime soon.

Blaming her all the time
Don’t blame her for everything wrong happening in your life.

Too much bragging
Don’t brag about your money or what you have achieved. Share your stories, but don’t show off.

Being aggressive
Short tempered guys don’t last longer in the relationship. So, keep calm and handle everything with a cool head above your shoulders.

Being untrustworthy
Unreliability and untrustworthiness leads to break-ups sooner than one can expect. Be someone whom she can trust with anything.

Abusing her
Don’t abuse her in any case. Choose your words wisely!

Not taking the relationship serious
Let her feel the passion to stay with you her whole life. Try to achieve the long-term goals.

Pressure her to have sex
Don’t force for the intercourse every day. If she started feeling that she is there just to fulfill your physical needs then consider it over!

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You didn’t improve
Most people improve from year to year because life is a constant development, especially when your young. If she improved and you’re at the same level as you where 2 years ago, she will get the feeling that both of you are grown apart. In other words she is telling you that is grown above you and can’t see you as equal anymore.

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