Advantages of Dating Psychos

You know what, I took the first option months ago. I haven’t been with her about 7 months. I mean, we love the chase, we love to conquer, to succeed, to put in our meat flag and scream “victory”. But Sean, whats the point of dating a psycho? Its a lot of work and they can get you into a huge mess. You could end as another “investigation discovery” show.

Part of the game, for me, is to be experienced, to know human behaviour, to recognize good opportunities and bad ones, and been able to take a chance when I tough the time fit. This girl has issues. Her emotional side is just not there. Just fucking her it’s a huge risk because I don’t know who else she’s fucking and what she is telling them?, or even worse, how mentally sane those guys are?.
It’s like the perfect recipe for a massive mess. And me ending heart broken, or killed, or anything between. Not good.

Sometimes we win just by letting go, and keep going forward to find something better.

Well, thanks for the articles, very interested in reading the next one. I would like to know when you say “going the hard way”, in your personal opinion, what do you mean? Why you feel you get stronger playing those games? I tried with her and I was just getting weaker by the day. She really fucked my mind around. She would say things like “I can not imagine my life without you” and as soon as I got out of her apartment I did not exist for her… at all. Really, mind fucking.

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After reading all the background information, I’m absolutely sure that you did the right thing by choosing the first option, especially in your situation. I would also advise this to the majority of people but you asked why some insane ones like me would choose option 2 or 3.

What’s the point of dating a psycho?

Dating a Psycho is definitely not a wise decision. Just like climbing on rooftops, cliff diving, base jumping or many other dangerous activities that some humans tend to do. It mostly starts with a normal activity like climbing on trees, but then you get used to it. Every tree feels like the same and you get bored. You miss this feeling of challenge, this rush of adrenaline, this fear of danger and the big release of endorphins when you finally did it.

Humans are built to grow, when we like something very much, dedication leads to addiction. We try to be one of the best in our field and we always want to find something bigger and more challenging to proof our potential. In terms of dating it may start with getting a girls number, having a girlfriend, dating multiple girls, seducing a MILF, Gogo-Dancer, Supermodel, Celebrity and so on.

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Dating a psycho is not a one time challenge, it’s a new challenge every day. Why do some girls like to date assholes? Because they are unpredictable, hard to tame and rarely boring. Same goes for psychos, it’s like riding a wild bull.

Psychos often have very good game. They know how to use drama to manipulate their partner and she will shit-test you all the time. After you got good in game you will stop fearing those situations and start liking them. Besides that, psychos are often very crazy and entertaining. I remember when someone commented under a video of Mehow that his girls seem to be crazy (in a bad way). He replied that at some point in the game you are so tired of normal girls, that you start to love these crazy bitches.

Are Psychos just a Test-Object?

Dating itself is a test, some may not be aware of it but besides having a good time, you are testing if your partner has the potential to be your mate and the future father or mother of your children. Dependent on her age and the extent of her psychotic behavior, it’s not impossible that she may chance some day. Many young girls that appear psycho become much calmer after the age of 20. However, you should not date a cute psycho, with the hope to make her your future wife!

“Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” – Stephen King

When you date a psycho, your first rule should be that you’re not involved too emotionally. You can be open for emotions but when you are not able to control them, you are not ready for this. That’s why emotional stability is one of the requirements.

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Does this mean I got low self-esteem?

Girls who date assholes often have self-esteem. They don’t think they are worth being treated nicely so they choose someone who treats them badly. Assholes are the male type of psychos but there is one difference. You shouldn’t like to be treated badly if that’s the case you should work on yourself, find and cure the cause. If you date a psycho, you should know how to act accordingly, how to get her under control so that she never get’s away with disrespecting you.


Caution – Know when to quit!

When I mention psycho, I mean women who are extreme or extraordinary in some ways which make them hard to conquer and keep.

Always make sure that you don’t take any mental or physical injuries and that you don’t get into jail because she tricked you into something illegal.

I had a lot of situations where I could get into big trouble. You will get a feeling for this and luckily I had enough emotional stability and self-control to quit whenever I felt that something might be dangerous.

Are you ready to date a Psycho?

It’s an experiment which can be dangerous and has a very high potential to fail. If you want to enjoy this, you need to have two things:

Emotional Stability
You should love emotions, cause you will experience a lot of them. Some will be very intense, positive and negative. A good inner game is required for this because you should be the rock where her waves are crashing against without moving anything. It’s not about not showing emotions, it’s about having a strong foundation to stay calm when she is freaking out. If you are emotionally too attached, she will use your negative emotions like the fear of losing her or giving you the cold shoulder to manipulate you. Another important aspect is that when you feel like this whole situation is getting dangerous, you should be able to make rational decisions like leaving her instantly. That’s much harder if you’re emotionally weak because you can’t judge clearly.

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Advanced Game
You will need a big interest in psychology because this will take a lot of your time. It will keep your mind busy, you will have days where you feel down and have no motivation to do anything else. Psycho girls will test and try to manipulate you a lot more than normal girls. Managing drama, having a strong frame and keeping attraction high are your daily tasks but the really interesting ones are situations that you haven’t faced before. Those are also the ones that let you grow the most.

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