Cheating Dreams – What they mean

Cheating is a common theme in people’s dreams, but this doesn’t make having them any less disturbing. If your nights have been plagued with dreams of infidelity, take comfort in the fact that these may not necessarily mean there are issues in your relationship. There are many reasons for having cheating dreams, which are explored below. 

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What Cheating Dreams Indicate

Abandonment issues – Perhaps you’ve been feeling neglected by your partner lately, that’s why you’re dreaming of them (or you) giving attention to someone else. Your dreams may also represent your fear of being “abandoned by the world”, which occurs when something negative happens in your life. This could be losing your job, not getting the promotion you want, or ending a friendship.

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Boredom – The act of cheating is thrilling, and having dreams about it may simply mean you are bored and want adventure in your life. You may be looking for more in your relationship, or maybe you’ve just been following the same routine for a while now and need a break. 

Relationship problems – Your dreams may be a reminder that you need to work on your relationship and address the issues you may be having with your partner, the most common of which is a lack of trust. These may also be a manifestation of your intuition about infidelity.

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Self-Esteem issues – Cheating dreams often come from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem. This is why pregnant women often dream that their partner is unfaithful. Pregnancy changes their appearance and messes with their hormones, so they feel unattractive, leading to a fear that their partner will cheat on them.

Guilt – Dreams wherein you’re cheating may be a projection of your guilt about something you’ve done that is against your values, or that you feel may affect the people around you, your partner in particular. 

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Common Scenarios and What They Mean

What does it mean if you dreamed that you’re cheating with:

A former flame – Your current relationship may be mirroring a previous one (and will similarly end). Perhaps the issues you had then are the same as the ones you have now, and you need to look to the past to know how to repair the present. 

Your partner’s friend – In real life, this is one of the worst ways of breaching your partner’s trust. Since it’s a dream, you may be afraid of disappointing your partner and breaking their trust, and not necessarily through cheating.

Someone you know – There’s a chance you are attracted to the person in the dream. It may also mean you are neglecting your relationship in favor of the said person or the area in your life they represent. For example, your boss for your career or a friend for your relationships outside your partner. 

A stranger – It is likely you may have done something in your waking life that you know will affect your partner or relationship, and you are feeling guilty. It may also mean you have sexual desires that are not being fulfilled. 

If you dreamed that they’re cheating with:

Your friend – Your dream is likely a projection of your insecurity or jealousy towards this friend of yours. It doesn’t have to be a sign that there is attraction between them and your partner. 

Anybody – This may signal your lack of trust in your partner. If they have cheated in the past, this means you still fear them being unfaithful again.