Why You Should Use Funny Pickup Lines

Some people think using pick up lines is a no-go and I have to agree, most of them don’t really work that well if you want to pick up girls on dating apps or social media. Of course, you can also try to use those lines offline but that’s a completely different game because in real life there are so many other factors that come into play so that the words you say are not so important. It’s more about how your presentation, your body language, tonality, and some other details. However, I’m sure most of you are looking for lines to pick up women online so that’s what I will focus on today.

While I agreed that most pickup lines don’t work, you still have to say something to start a conversation. Please don’t torture her with another “Hey”, “What’s up?”, “How you’re doing?”, “Hi, beautiful” or any of those shitty lines that all the losers out there are using. Those messages are even worse than corny or cheesy pickup lines, which already have zero chance of a reply unless you look like Dwayne Johnson.

So what should you write to her? Like I said in the headline, the best lines are funny pickup lines, let me explain why:

If you think about commercials, what is the difference between the bad commercials where you can’t wait until they are over and the good commercials that you enjoy to watch and keep sticking in your mind? The good ones trigger positive emotions in you, most of the time they are funny and make you laugh or at least smile.

You may think what do commercials have to do with picking up women? They have a lot in common! The television is a noisy place where everyone is competing for your attention, just like you are competing for her attention in times of dating apps and social media. You’re advertising yourself and want to stand out from the crowd to make an impression that triggers her to buy into you.

All she cares about is how you make her feel, so if you make her smile with a funny line, it’s a great start and she will be much more willing to reply to you. Like the famous Marilyn Monroe once said: “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” She didn’t live in a time of Tinder and Co but I’m sure she had the same amount of men fighting for her attention so I guess her advice is solid.

Now you can either check out some funny pickup lines and decide yourself which could be worth a try or you read the following article where I picked 12 of the Best Pickup Lines That Work On Tinder and will also do well on other online platforms. I also described when you should write to her and how to follow up to start a conversation and finally get her number to arrange a date.

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