How to handle emotional women

Does your wife/girlfriend scream, yell or swear at you? Do you feel your wife/girlfriend is going emotional, controlling, officious, domineering or volatile? And your relationship is making you feel like you’re slowly going crazy? Do you feel like you’re persistently criticized because you’re not able to meet her desires and, feel powerless and overwhelmed because … Read more

Woman are guided by their emotions

Throughout history, women have traditionally been viewed as guided by their emotions rather than rational thinking. They are always been perceived as fairer, delicate, emotional and sensitive. Despite, the widespread belief that women are more emotional, a 1998 study at Vanderbit University found that this might not be the case. In this study, men and … Read more

How to understand woman better

People often misunderstand people and when we talk about men and women they are totally different belongings. They think, feel, act and react differently. I think men and women in essence purposely confuse one another. During first impression phase both parties have desire to display their best qualities and try their best not to reveal … Read more

Why women feel misunderstood by men

The human brain functions differently from gender to gender. While the female side is prone to be more sensible and highly reactive to different factors, the male side is the strong, imposing and tough print of the human behavior and character. Due to the differences in the way of thinking and perceiving the surrounding reality, … Read more