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love language test

Understanding how you and your partner express and define love is crucial in maintaining your relationship. The concept of the five love languages simplifies this process, that’s why it is important. Instead of making analyses on your own, you and your partner have to take the love language test to know each other’s needs. It will help you to understand what motivates other human beings, especially your partner. 

You can also skip the test and read the Summary of the 5 Love Languages.

The Importance of the Five Love Languages

A difference in love language may prove problematic for couples, as it is often the root cause of many a misunderstanding. When two people express and feel love differently, they are bound to miss each other’s efforts at communicating their feelings. 

About The Love Language Test

The love languages test is composed of 30 different statements. For each statement, you have to choose which one is more meaningful to you in the context of your relationship. Your choices will determine your score for each of the five languages. The one with the highest figure is your primary language, while the lowest-scoring language is the one you use and value the least. Your test results also include an explanation of the languages to help you understand yourself better. It is important that you take your time in doing the love language test and really ponder on your choice for your analysis to be as accurate as possible. The love language test to determine your primary love language is very relatable, relatively short, and easy to answer. 

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