Tom Torero is an executive instructor for the London-based dating company, which specialises in teaching men how to meet and attract women during the daytime. Tom runs regular bootcamps and one-on-one teaching in London, as well as teaching in countries such as Russia, Norway and France.

Tom’s rise to seduction-notoriety has been meteoric. He started off with little to no experience with girls or dating during his high school years. Riddled with chronic acne, a reversed bite and a ‘Mr. Nice guy’ personality, he was a prime target for bullying. As a result of his high school experiences, Tom Torero became a social hermit, who focused his attention on studying and revising, with the aim of enrolling at Britain’s most prestigious university – Oxford, where he would study Biology under the tutelage of renowned Evolutionary Biologist, Professor Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion and The Blind Watchmaker.

Once at Oxford, Tom’s social situation remained largely the same; “Rather than the usual right-of-passage three years of socials, drinking, sex and friendships that my school friends were experiencing at university, I further buried my head in the sand like an introverted ostrich”, writes Tom in his autobiographical book, ‘Daygame’. This isolation, coupled with the pressures of studying at Oxford resulted in Tom suffering regular panic attacks, and he was later diagnosed with clinical depression by his doctor. As he himself concedes, “Girls were the last thing on my mind”.

After losing his virginity in his early 20’s and finishing university, Tom became a primary school teacher, and around the same time in 2005, he discovered Neil Strauss’ book The Game. The basic psychology and routines documented in the book, as well as Tom’s desire to improve his skills with women made the book appeal greatly to his sensibilities. He started doing indirect game – routines, scripts and magic tricks as a way of interacting with women. As Tom Torero himself puts it, “the crappy magic tricks and rehearsed stories gave me some structured material. It was all very clunky and contrived, but at least it was something”. He continued to enjoy sporadic success using indirect techniques in bars and other public places – usually during the daytime.

After a brief absence from the Game, Tom discovered videos online of a young Australian pick-up artist doing indirect approaches during the day. He enjoyed these videos, particularly as he had “never been naturally at home in bars and clubs and felt an affinity for the guy’s conversational approach and relaxed style”. From then on, Tom dedicated himself to hitting the streets of London with his routines, scripted lines and openers. Often he would ask girls for directions to a cafe, or if they had a tube map (London underground map) he could borrow as his an opener.

After enjoying decent success with his indirect style of game, Tom discovered Yad‘s famous kiss-close video. From then on, he decided to switch permanently to direct daygame. Later on he would meet Andy Yosha and become an executive coach for Demonstrating his progress, Tom released his paper-back book, ‘Daygame’ in the autumn of 2012, where he would write about his adventures with women, including 100 lay reports.

Tom Torero’s style of daygame is relaxed, cheeky, direct and conversational, and he regularly gives updates on his latest adventures around the globe.