Who does not want to spend his weekend with hot girls? Well, almost everybody does. Nevertheless, it is not that easy for everyone to woo the hottest girls in the town. This is the reason why a lot of guys prefer to seek some help from pick up artists. Without any doubt, pick up artists are in great demand these days, and so is Andy Yosha. You might be wondering about who Andy Yosha is? Well, he is one of the most successful pick up artists of the present time. And there is no qualm that he has helped thousands of men to get their dream girlfriend.

If we take a look into the past, Andy Yosha was basically a graphic designer. After investing few years of his life studying graphics design, he started his career at PUATraining. There he worked as a graphic designer and was completely devoted to his 9 to 7 job. During that time, he was completely focused and did not have any intentions of getting into the field of pick up artists. However, it is important to mention that PUATraining is a company that helps people to achieve their dating dreams. Andy found the whole thing really enticing and thought about exploring this arena. Eventually, slowly and steadily his attention pulled towards the field of pick up. And it was the time when Andy’s life took a u-turn.

As a result, he changed his track from being a graphic designer to a pick up artist. At PUATraining, Andy continued this job for 2 years, and during that time he taught “Daygame” lessons to hundreds of students. Daygame is basically a task or process that involves picking up hot girls and approaching them in a proper way, so as to impress them. Andy used his communication skills and even his personal experience to teach students how to woo girls on the streets of London by using direct, sincere, and authentic approach. During that time, Yad, who was also an employee at PUATraining used to be his inspirational mentor for daygame.
During his stint at PUATraining as a daygame teacher, he figured out that most of his students were more comfortable talking to women throughout the daytime. This was the reason that led to the germination of an idea, which in turn led to the birth of Daygame.com. Andy is the founder and CEO of Daygame.com and he launched this website on 16th of March, 2010. Students are provided the best training when it comes to learn the art of pick up.

Without any doubt, Andy has worked really hard to turn himself into a successful daygame instructor, and during this process he spoke to thousands of women in order to refine his skills. It was his pure dedication and honest approach that helped him to climb the ladder of success. At present, Andy spends most of his time working behind the scenes to make Daygame.com a better option for those who wish to improve their lives.