Tinder Profile Tips – Creative Way to Shoot Photos

A Tinder Profile can have up to six photos. Four are enough, but still most guys struggle to find even four photos of themselves, that are usable for tinder. While girls have the problem to choose their best six photos out of 10.000, males rarely have any pictures of themselves. We just don’t like taking selfies that much.

The next problem is that guys don’t really know what’s important in a profile photo on Tinder. Should I look cool, friendly, funny or handsome? This is just one of many things that I’ll teach my members in the Tinder-Booster, an online course to increase your success to the maximum.

I give you a tip, the environment plays a big role. It tells a lot about you and gives females small hints into your personality and what kind of guy you are. In an app where photos and a small bio are the only thing you see, it’s crucial to read between the lines.

However, if you don’t have a cool apartment and want to take some new photos for tinder, you should check out the cool idea that Imgur user keventure and his friends had: They headed to IKEA and used their furniture to get some classy shots.

What a great way to stand out! Of course your can see the price tags and it’s obvious that they are not at home. But that makes it even better, because it shows that they don’t take it too serious and implies character traits like being funny and creative.

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